Bernie Sanders calls for expansion of abortion during COVID-19 pandemic

Bernie Sanders calls for expansion of abortion during COVID-19 pandemic


Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders is calling for the expansion of access to abortion during the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic. Though abortion is never medically necessary, Sanders believes abortion businesses should be able to commit abortions via telemedicine, a move that would leave women at risk for major complications. Former abortionist Dr. Anthony Levatino explains the process and the risks in the video below:


“It is outrageous that right-wing politicians in states like Texas and Ohio are using this crisis to risk women’s health and safety by denying their right to abortion and other reproductive health care,” Sanders tweeted. “Instead, we should be expanding access with things like telemedicine.”

Currently, government officials have called for personal protective equipment to be reserved for assisting with the COVID-19 crisis. Hospitals are overwhelmed, and dealing with complications from a wholly unnecessary procedure like abortion — including the abortion pill, which can cause hemorrhaging, sepsis, and even death (and of course, death for countless preborn children) — will only put further strain on an already taxed health care system and take resources that might otherwise be used to treat patients with the coronavirus.

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Expanding abortion access through telemedicine is a dangerous idea. Without an ultrasound to properly date a pregnancy and check for conditions such as ectopic pregnancy, women’s lives will be put directly at risk. The abortion pill is for use only during the first 10 weeks of pregnancy; as pregnancy progresses, so do failure rates and the potential complications for women. Taking the abortion pill during an ectopic pregnancy can result in death for the mother. Allowing for telemedicine abortion could lead to complications that send women to the emergency room during a pandemic.

About half of all U.S. states do not report abortion complications, so there is no way to know how many women have suffered the devastating effects of the abortion pill already.

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