Bar’s fundraiser for Planned Parenthood turns unintentionally macabre

Anyone familiar with the Food Network has heard of the competition show, “Chopped,” in which four contestants must assemble several mystery ingredients into dishes which are then judged by an all-star panel of judges. Three rounds later, a champion is given $10,000.

One bar decided to encouraged its bartenders to participate in a local “Chopped”-style challenge. That’s not so unusual in itself. But when it’s a fundraiser for Planned Parenthood, advertised complete with the “Chopped” signature meat-cleaver logo… well… it comes off as macabre. Twitchy reports...

And just when you thought Planned Parenthood couldn’t get any worse, a bar in Raleigh, NC is hosting a fundraiser for the baby-parts merchants based on the Food TV reality show “Chopped”…

The logo for the event featured a meat cleaver on Planned Parenthood’s iconic pink background:
It appears that after people reacted in horror to the unintentionally ironic advertisement, the meat cleaver – as well as the word “Chopped” – was removed from the ads for the event.

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