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Stunning photo of baby at 7 weeks shares humanity of preborn children

A mother’s stunning image of a baby at seven weeks shares the obvious humanity of preborn children and the inhumanity of abortion.

Posted by Save the Storks, mother Karla’s image of her preborn baby — with tiny fingers and toes, a little face, eyes, nose, and even a visible brain — reveals that children in the womb are not simply “clumps of cells,” as the abortion industry so often claims.

In the post, Karla explains why she is so passionate about speaking up for the dignity of every human life:

“Why is she so pro-life?” some might ask. This is my baby at seven weeks in February 2014.

The picture is not very clear but I could see his tiny fingers, his little brain, little eyes, and I could see how his mouth could open.

You are forever in our hearts my baby! One day, I pray I get to give you a great big hug.”

At this stage, Baby Center notes, “tiny veins beneath parchment-thin skin” are visible, and both hemispheres of the baby’s brain are developing. The liver “is churning out red blood cells,” and the child has an appendix and a pancreas. This photo reveals the sheer miracle of fetal development and human life in the womb.

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