27 infants who survived abortions in Australia were left to die, health minister reports

Abortion advocates frequently claim that babies rarely ever survive late-term abortions, even calling it a “myth.” And if by some chance the baby does survive, then the abortionist — who moments before was trying to kill the preborn baby — would surely provide the needed medical care. Unfortunately, this is not the reality of the situation.

The latest horrifying example comes out of Queensland, Australia. Health Minister Cameron Dick just released new figures that show the number of babies who survive late-term abortions and are left to die have tripled over the last decade. The babies were five months or older.

The information was released by Mr Dick this week after he was asked a Question on Notice by Member for Cleveland Dr Mark Robinson in May.

Mr Dick also provided the number of ‘live birth’ abortions for the last 10 years, which shows a steady increase of those that survive.

Queensland Health confirmed that in such cases, care is not rendered to the baby after a decision to terminate is made and it is left to perish in the clinic.

Amanda Bradley from Children by Choice said it was often a hard decision to make and may be because of a foetal abnormality.

“Once they are given that diagnosis they (the woman) will sit down with the clinicians looking after them and their other support mechanisms, potentially social workers or counsellors, and they will be given good quality information on which to make a decision,” she said.

“The medical practitioners will offer them the information and discuss what the best clinical decision might be.”

These numbers could be higher, too; these are just the confirmed cases. And the idea that it would be acceptable to not give a baby who has survived an abortion medical care — based on the opinion of the mother who wanted the baby dead, and the abortionist who was trying to kill him — makes it even more horrific. Considering that many babies born at this gestational age would otherwise survive if they were given active care, it really boggles the mind how any doctor could ever commit such an abhorrent act.

Sadly, this isn’t something that’s limited to just Australia. Live Action’s Inhuman investigation uncovered how late-term abortionists around the United States also are willing to leave late-term abortion survivors to die.

Abortion workers have likewise admitted to killing babies who are born alive. This is the inevitable consequence of abortion, though. Once we start to devalue life, and decide some lives are allowed to be taken because someone else finds them inconvenient, then there ceases to be a line that people can’t — or won’t — cross.

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