Pro-abortion politicians refuse to watch Planned Parenthood ‘baby parts’ video at congressional hearing

At today’s Congressional hearing on Planned Parenthood (which can still be viewed here), pro-abortion politicians created an uproar when they were forced to watch videos demonstrating Planned Parenthood’s illegal activities.

The Committee Chairman, Representative Joe Pitts, showed mere seconds worth of videos from the Center for Medical Progress. Yet, the pro-abortion politicians could not handle hearing whistleblower, Holly O’Donnell, describe how her supervisor at the San Diego Planned Parenthood abortion clinic ordered her to cut through the face of a born-alive infant boy. Once his face was sliced open (after his heart was found beating following an attempted abortion), his brain was harvested. O’Donnell had to push his legs and feet into the trash can, as he was too large to fit.

But such details were too much for some Democrats on the committee.

When Chairman Pitts dared to air a second video, sending Dr. Deborah Nucatola’s words echoing through the chamber, objections rang out. Nevertheless, Pitts held the course – even when the pro-abortion politicians would not even raise their eyes to see the truth.

NARAL chimed in on the Twitterverse, raging against being forced to hear about what actually goes on in abortion clinics.

Representative Frank Pallone, a pro-abortion Democrat, made a vain attempt at slamming the videos for being “false” and overly edited. Yet, he demonstrated his complete lack of knowledge by quoting a supposedly left-out statement that is absolutely included in the full footage version of the video on Dr. Deborah Nucatola.

While Pallone claimed that nothing before this committee “indicates that Planned Parenthood has done anything illegal, anything improper,” one of his chief bases for this statement was that the full footage was not being shown to the committee. (Though one doubts Pallone would sit through a three hour tape if he cannot endure a few seconds.)

Perhaps Rep. Pallone is unaware of how to pull up YouTube on his computer. The full footage video he so yearns to see was posted online by the Center for Medical Progress less than an hour after the shorter version was published – way back in mid-July.

The footage has been at Rep. Pallone’s fingertips for two months now. He has only himself to blame for failing to watch the full extent of Planned Parenthood’s misdeeds. And yet, the reaction by Pallone and others on the committee demonstrates a basic fact: they don’t want to be forced to face Planned Parenthood’s illegal activities.

They don’t want to hear that Planned Parenthood has babies born alive and killed in its clinics.

They don’t want to hear about babies’ faces being sliced open.

They don’t want to hear about babies’ brains, and hearts, and spinal cords, and eyes being harvested or about lab technicians having meltdowns when a baby head without a body is sent to them for “research.”

They’d rather plug their ears, shut their eyes, and shout their objections. But objections don’t drown out the truth, as Chairman Pitts demonstrated.

These Congressional hearings are broadcasting the reality: Planned Parenthood sells baby parts, and it does so by deceiving women, breaking the law, and killing and piecing apart innocent children.

Women deserve better. America deserves better. Justice will be served when the $500 million in taxpayer dollars is redirected from scandal-ridden Planned Parenthood to the over 9,000 comprehensive health centers around the nation that truly serve low-income, uninsured women.


Here is one explanation on how Planned Parenthood is violating multiple federal laws, and here’s another one on how Planned Parenthood is killing babies born alive after abortions or leaving them to die – yet another violation of federal and state law.

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