‘Conservative Millennial’ Allie Stuckey: ‘Choice’ doesn’t justify taking a life

Allie Stuckey

Allie Beth Stuckey, host of The Relatable Podcast, recently sat down with Live Action to discuss her pro-life views. Stuckey calls herself “The Conservative Millennial,” and before launching her podcast and partnering with CRTV, she reached out to her peers on social media to offer explanations of the conservative position.

When asked how she came to be pro-life, Stuckey said, “I don’t remember there ever being a time when I wasn’t pro-life.” She explained that her family’s Christian faith was instrumental in her view of human rights, saying, “We just always valued the individual from before birth until death. That was never even a point of contention in my life or a question.”

However, Stuckey is clear that her pro-life position is not simply religious, as she explained: “not only is this the Biblical position but this is the moral position and the logical position.” The logic of the pro-life position, in Stuckey’s view, is contributing to Millennials increasingly becoming pro-life. She points to scientific advancements that have improved our understanding of fetal development and made ultrasounds readily available. These facts and images confirm the pro-life position and, Stuckey suggests, offer compelling arguments for Millennials.

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Coupled with passionate spokespersons for the pro-life movement, including Stuckey and Live Action founder Lila Rose, the facts are reaching young people through online media. For example, Live Action’s Abortion Procedures videos have changed young people’s minds about abortion.

Stuckey says, “We can sit here and talk about the gruesome nature of abortion but until someone sees for themselves, I think it’s really hard for them to grasp what’s going on.” Abortion activists continue to rely on euphemisms, like “liberty” and “choice,” to push abortion. But once most people realize that abortion is, as Stuckey bluntly states, “decapitating a child in the womb,” few people will continue to support it.

In the interview with Live Action, Stuckey also articulated why the abortion industry’s fearmongering about the potential overturn of Roe v. Wade is unfounded, and why pro-lifers oppose Planned Parenthood. As Stuckey says, Planned Parenthood “isn’t just cranking out abortions, they’re cranking out lies, lies that are threatening the lives of people both in and outside the womb and encouraging ignorance.”

Stuckey does not ignore the extent of the challenges to spreading the pro-life movement. Mainstream media and social media platforms have shown they are allies of the abortion lobby. Stuckey sees this as a reason to be more inspired to action, asserting that we can’t wait for the media to amplify our voices; we have to speak out, offer resources to abortion-minded women, and talk to the people immediately around us about the reasons to be pro-life.

No matter how the abortion industry portrays abortion, logic and morality remain on the pro-life side. Stuckey points out, “In what other situation is it okay to take someone’s life just because of their location or their size or their age or their unwantedness?” There is none, and abortion is a violation of basic human rights. It is encouraging that the pro-life movement has articulate women like Stuckey boldly speaking out.

Editor’s Note: It’s your turn to speak out! Tell us why you are pro-life in the comments section below.

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