ADF seeks documents on New Hampshire Planned Parenthood funding

The latest chapter in Alliance Defending Freedom’s ongoing efforts to uncover the truth behind Planned Parenthood funding in New Hampshire is a brief to the state Supreme Court for the release of all documents related to over $350,000 Planned Parenthood receives in state tax dollars.

In response to the state’s reluctance to share details of how that money has been distributed, ADF-allied private attorney Michael Tierney said, “The remaining documents which have not been released by the state are critical in determining the state’s apparent complicity with abortionists to minimize regulatory oversight and their disregard of FDA safety protocols.”

A lower court ordered a partial release of relevant documents in June. However, documents pertaining to the state pharmacy board’s licensing of Planned Parenthood to dispense RU-486 in ways inconsistent with FDA safety guidelines remain secret, as do those regarding the state’s defense of abortion clinic buffer zones.

“New Hampshire should be transparent about the money it gives Planned Parenthood,” ADF Litigation Counsel Catherine Glenn Foster declared, “especially since the abortion giant is already the subject of repeated state and federal audits and whistleblower lawsuits for waste, abuse, and potential fraud of taxpayer dollars.”

Last month, Live Action News reported that ADF was also working to reveal details of $1 million in HHS grants given to Planned Parenthood affiliates in New Hampshire, despite state lawmakers’ concerns Planned Parenthood of New England was improperly directing Title X money to abortions.

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