Abortionist quits after seeing her own baby on ultrasound

Abortionist quits after seeing her own baby on ultrasound

Former abortionist Dr. Yvonne Moore is an OB/GYN whose story appears at Teenbreaks, a pro-life site aimed at teenagers. You can read about her and other former abortionists here.

In her short but powerful testimony, Dr. Moore describes how she began performing abortions as a resident at the University of Tennessee. Financial motives played a role in her decision to become an abortionist.

Moore explains that abortionists could make a lot of money without having to leave town, or work late nights in the emergency rooms of hospitals. Since performing abortions was so lucrative, Dr. Moore did not understand why some residents refused to do them.


Dr. Moore’s part time abortion work soon became a full time occupation. By the time she was a senior resident, she was the medical director of one of the abortion facilities. She also attended political functions and training seminars, immersing herself in abortion advocacy as well as providing abortions.

But then she became pregnant herself, and everything changed.

It was not until I was pregnant myself that I began to really examine my feelings about the moral aspects of abortion. It had taken over a year for me to become pregnant with my daughter. The first time I saw the tiny little flicker of her heartbeat on an ultrasound screen I fell completely in love with her.

I finally had to come to terms with the fact that the only thing that made my daughter any different than all those tiny babies I had terminated was the fact that I wanted her. It was as if the scales fell from my eyes and I was at last able to see what I had not allowed myself to see in all those years of doing terminations.

Dr. Moore likens her conversion to that of Saul on his way to Damascus. And like Saul, who worked to spread the gospel after having spent years persecuting Christians, she has done a 180 and embraced the cause she once fought against.

She trains volunteers at a pregnancy resource center, helping equip them with the medical knowledge to help them reach out to abortion minded women. Having been on both sides of the issue, she has a unique perspective, as well as the medical training to make a difference.

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