Abortionist: Abortion workers quit after seeing preborn babies on ultrasound

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Dr. Joseph Randall performed “many thousands” of abortions before his conversion to Christianity led to a change of heart. He quit doing abortions when he became a Christian.

Dr. Randall performed D&E abortions. These late-term abortions, done in the second trimester, are done by dilating the woman’s cervix (opening to the womb) gradually with laminaria (seaweed sticks that expand as they absorb fluid) and then pulling apart the baby with forceps. As former abortionist Dr. Anthony Levatino describes in the video below, the baby is extracted piece by piece.

This doctor has performed over 1,200 abortions. Now, he’s revealing what actually happens during a second trimester abortion procedure. This video may just change the abortion debate.

Dr. Randall shared his testimony at a conference sponsored by The Pro-Life Action League, and describes being taught to do the D&Es:

Now, as you have heard about these, the babies are bigger. They are visible, they are fully-formed babies, and you are tearing them apart from below.

While Randall was performing more and more D&E abortions, science and technology were advancing. It was when he started to use ultrasound, however, that affected Randall the most:

The baby really came alive on TV and was moving and that picture–that picture of the baby on the ultrasound bothered me more than anything else, because as I didn’t know then really, you bond with that picture. Women get those pictures even if they are still pictures, and boy, it’s their baby and they put it up on walls, they bring it in to show it to me, and they don’t even know what’s there, but they see head, arm, leg all typed out for them so they know what it is, but they know it’s a baby.

It may have been private OB/GYN patients who showed Randall their ultrasounds. But it became clear that the images of babies slated to be killed were identical to those of babies that were being lovingly welcomed into the world. The only difference between a baby that would be born and nurtured and a baby that would be aborted was the woman’s opinion about her pregnancy. The development and features of the babies were the same. It was the woman and the doctor who viewed some babies as expendable, and okay to kill – solely because they were unwanted.

A D&E abortion is one of the most horrific procedures imaginable. Physically dismembering a baby, who you have just watched moving around on ultrasound, must be fuel for nightmares.



Before each abortion, Randall and the nurses who worked with him watched their tiny victim kicking and moving around in the womb. Dr. Randall was not the only one who became uncomfortable with this:

When we started, we lost two nurses. They couldn’t take looking at it. Some other staff was lost. The turnover got greater when we started doing the D&Es and mostly, as I said, the ultrasounds. So I think the ultrasound was one of the keys there.

It was just too hard for clinic workers to see a fully formed living child moving around in the womb, and then watching Randall pull arms and legs off that same baby and put them in a stack on the table.


Incidentally, the women were never allowed to see the ultrasound:

The other thing, too, is because the women who are having the abortions are never allowed to look at the ultrasound, because we know even if they heard the heart beat that many times they wouldn’t have the abortion, and you wouldn’t want that. No money in that.

Randall’s nurses were not the only abortion clinic workers whose hearts were changed by ultrasound images.  Abby Johnson, former director of a Planned Parenthood clinic, changed her mind about abortion and walked off her job after she watched a 13-week-old baby being aborted under ultrasound visualization. She watched the baby struggle and try to get away from the abortion instruments and realized that her job consisted of helping kill children. She became a pro-life activist. You can read her dramatic story in the book Unplanned. 

The late Dr. Bernard Nathanson recorded a video of a baby being aborted on ultrasound for his movie The Silent Scream. He describes how the abortionist who performed the abortion later watched the footage and was horrified. He never did another abortion.

Dr. Randall eventually left the carnage behind him and found a new faith and purpose in Christianity. He now regrets his time as an abortionist.

You can read Dr. Randall’s full testimony here.

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