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Abortion victim images must be shown so Americans know the truth

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This past Sunday the pastor of my church mentioned the beheading of 40 babies by Hamas, which was followed by a collective gasp from the congregation of nearly 1,000. I wanted to yell that this happens every day in your hometown of Albuquerque, New Mexico. Approximately 50 unborn babies, some very late-term, are sucked through a tube or tortured and dismembered until death daily, only a few miles away. 

WARNING: Images of abortion victims below.

Why is there a massive disconnect between the public and this particular destruction of life? One prominent reason could be where people receive their information about this horror. The media, in general, has turned a blind eye to what abortion means, and this obviously is done on purpose to further the pro-abortion agenda. The last thing they want the public to see is an innocent human brutally tortured and destroyed in the womb. The churches, for the most part, are inexplicably silent of this evil. The education system often doesn’t tell the whole truth about the reality of abortion. What is the solution to wake up Americans?

What specifically happens in abortion needs to be displayed to the general public, which often doesn’t even think of what the word “abortion” means. Over the years, it has become some nebulous term with associated tag lines, such as women’s rights or right to choose.

How many people would think of “holocaust” as some nebulous term if it weren’t for the images made public, such as numerous bodies stacked up in open pits? The video of George Floyd’s death sparked national outrage. Pictures of Emmett Till’s mutilated body helped spur the civil rights movement. The media uses cute, smiling photographs of an innocent child who may have died from abuse or other violence. Consequently, the result is often a public outcry to enact legislation or at least copious attention to the atrocity, so hopefully, it won’t happen again.

One would think that the advancement of very detailed ultrasounds would expose the humanity of the unborn and stop abortion in its tracks, but for some reason, millions haven’t made the connection or don’t care. Often in the past, pro-lifers have used logic to connect the humanity of the born child to that of the unborn. This method has changed some minds, but many consider it only one side of the argument. Since the pro-abortion side comes from so many sources, the public feels a need to give it equal weight or land on that side because they feel it’s a safe response that the majority believes. The public may also not want to show the dismembered bodies because we need to be sensitive to those who have had abortions. That is something to be considered, but on every other atrocity in our history, did we not show the victim because the one involved in the death might be emotionally hurt or offended?

Aborted baby at 10 to 12 weeks; face, skull tissue, eyes, spinal column, and ribs can be clearly seen.

If one does a cursory search, abortion victim photos are readily available. Of course, this is an uphill battle, but it’s imperative that they are shown to as many as possible. If photos weren’t shown of past atrocities, the truth about them might never have been fully realized, and the course of history may have been significantly altered.

The details of the most extreme human rights violations of abortion must be exposed by photos or videos so the whole world will see what happens to an aborted human. As a result, we will no longer have this disconnect. 

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