Are you “abortion positive”? Child rapists are.


I hear a lot of claims from abortion proponents. Some are meticulously researched and challenging to answer. Some aren’t:

Nobody likes abortionPeople who say this are usually one of two things: uninformed or dishonest. If they’re dishonest, there isn’t much you can do. But if they’re just uninformed, then you can change that pretty easily. There’s a group that’s making it even easier.

Abortion Positive

Unite for Reproductive and Gender Equity (URGE) finished their Abortion Positive bus tour recently. Visiting 10 college campuses, stops were billed as “an all day event celebrating access to abortion.” They featured “free giveaways, special speakers” and “someone in a vagina costume who would love to be on your snap chat story!”

Meanwhile, members of the University of North Georgia’s Skeptics Society held an event offering fetus shaped cookies a couple weeks back. Visitors were encouraged to give reasons why abortion should remain legal. Examples included,


Clearly, these people do like abortion. What’s more, plenty of others feel the same way. They aren’t all in educational facilities, though; some are in correctional ones.

Gary Cross is. Cross went to prison for raping his 13 year-old stepdaughter, a crime Planned Parenthood helped cover up. Cross brought the victim there after getting her pregnant. Despite her being well below the age of consent, staff didn’t contact authorities, setting up an abortion instead. When the evidence was gone, the abuse resumed.

Timothy Smith also had an “abortion positive” outlook, and with good reason: the abortion Planned Parenthood did on his 13 year-old victim kept her rape hidden. Once again, Planned Parenthood’s employees weren’t too concerned about seeing a pregnant child. As one later admitted, “being thirteen and pregnant alone is not a red flag.”

Luis Gonzalez-Jose was thankful for Planned Parenthood’s abortion services after raping an 11 year-old. Fellow predators John Blanks, Jr., Adam Gault, Joseph Coles, Kevon Walker, Edgar Ramirez, and Grey David Woods were too.

But child rapists aren’t the only ones who like abortion: in cultures that prefer sons, that’s how daughters are often disposed of. It doesn’t just happen overseas: the Canadian Medical Association Journal has called Canada “a haven” for sex selective abortion, and a new study supports the characterization. Undercover footage from Live Action has proven that Planned Parenthood gladly provides the same service.

And then there’s plain old misogynists. Christian McQueen wrote “The Ten Slut Commandments,” a guide on how to “exploit” and “use” women with “low self-esteem” and “daddy issues.” Here’s why abortion access is something he values:Christian McQueen quoteAs you can see, URGE has no shortage of company when it comes to liking abortion. If you don’t fall into that category, then there’s something you should probably do: stop funding it.

Planned Parenthood is America’s largest abortion chain, receiving over half a billion dollars of your money every year. Tell Congress that funding should go to federally qualified health centers (FQHCs) and community health centers (CHCs) instead. Not only are FQHCs and CHCs more accessible, they also provide services that Planned Parenthood doesn’t.

Unfortunately, I suspect groups like URGE aren’t going to stop cheering for abortion. Those who conceal rape and kills girls? They won’t either.

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