'Heartwrenching': Watch as they change their minds about abortion in minutes

‘Heartwrenching’: Watch as they change their minds about abortion in minutes


Live Action released the latest videos in a series showing real-life interviews gauging people’s opinions about abortion. When asked about their views on abortion, many people who support it fall back on euphemistic language, with one woman saying, “It’s our body. It’s our decision, right?”

In another video, a man who seems to have some reservations equates being pro-life with being “far-right,” and states, “I don’t think you should impose restrictions over others just because you think it’s not right.”

What happens next in both videos completely changes their minds. Both interviewees watch Live Action’s videos from the Abortion Procedures series. In the videos, Dr. Anthony Levatino, who committed over 1,200 abortions before becoming pro-life, describes one of the most common abortion procedures while the video shows a scientifically accurate animation. And within just minutes, both people changed their mind.




The woman described what she saw as “heart-wrenching.” Reflecting on it, she said, “I mean, that’s something I would never want anyone to go through, right? Not myself, not to her, not to anyone.” Though she is a mother, she had no idea what takes place in an abortion. Seeing the reality of the procedure, the violence and brutality, made her strongly opposed.

After the man watched the video, he seemed stunned. He pointed out that if anyone committed the destructive violence against a dog that occurs against a baby in an abortion, he would be arrested for animal cruelty. He said, “I don’t think we should tear babies apart. I disagree that you should rip a human being apart.”

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When asked who should watch these videos, both interviewees were quick to say “everyone.” The woman said, “Put it on YouTube!” (The videos are, in fact, on YouTube, and have received tens of millions of views.) The man said especially young girls should watch the videos, and that he will show the video to his 13-year-old daughter, so she can be better informed about the reality of these procedures.

With reactions like these, it’s no wonder that a pro-abortion writer wanted YouTube to suppress these powerful videos. While many people claim to be “pro-choice,” they have worked hard to prevent people from accessing scientifically accurate information about preborn babies and abortion.

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