Abortion ‘logic’: Kill Kenyan children in the womb to prevent killing outside the womb

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A horrifying article in the Telegraph this week described unthinkable conditions in Kenya for poor pregnant women and girls. Because of desperate poverty or truly horrific conditions or abuse, infanticide is a growing practice. But somehow, the authors believe the solution to this horrific killing is to facilitate more killing — but with abortions. 

The desperate conditions of women and girls in Kenya must not be papered-over. Mothers are told to feed Coca Cola to their unwanted newborns in order to kill them. Others throw babies into rivers, or latrine pits, or abandon them in the woods, or by a train station, because they lack the resources to feed themselves or other family members. Upsettingly, some “medical professionals” will also kill newborns, born into buckets of water, with hammers. 

Mothers cannot escape being butchered, either. The authors describe a woman who sought an abortion at six months. When she was turned away because it was too late to perform an abortion “safely,” she turned to someone who lacerated her uterus and perforated her organs. “I got her into theatre,” said an anonymous doctor, “but her intestines were perforated and her womb chopped up. We transfused seven pints of blood, but she passed away six hours later.”

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The solution, according to abortion activists who wrote the article? “By unambiguously legalising the practice [of abortion] and making it safer, fewer women would die and infanticide rates would fall.”

Really? This is the best that can be done?

In these agonizingly awful circumstances, the solution to infanticide is not more infanticide. The only difference between infanticide and abortion is not that no one dies, but that the dead baby is hidden in an abortion. Killing babies before birth, as the authors are advocating, simply hides the brutality and keeps the body out of plain sight. 

As Live Action’s Bridget Handy pointed out on Twitter, abortion would do nothing to ease the desperate poverty of the girls who prostitute themselves to shopkeepers for bread. Only eugenicists believe the solution to poverty is to kill the poor, and that morality is only for those with money. 

And in fact, the institutional racism of abortion is frequently pushed by wealthy, white Westerners who believe hat poor African women need billions of dollars funneled into providing abortion, where it is neither legal nor wanted by a majority of the population — while the greater needs are clean water, food, sanitation, and education. Pro-life activist Obianuju Ekeocha calls this “ideological colonization.” 

Another inconvenient truth is that, in developing nations like Kenya, legalizing abortion is absolutely no guarantee of a woman’s safety. A WHO report published in April of this year points out that a lack of sanitation contributes to infections and diseases in hospitals — and more so in non-hospital settings. Even in the United States, abortionists such as Kermit Gosnell — who regularly practiced infanticide in a facility that the state refused to investigate in the name of abortion access — are frequently left to injure more and more women, along with killing preborn children. 

Women in Kenya will not suffer less with legal abortion. They need basic life necessities and to be treated with human dignity. The only people who stand to profit from promoting abortion are the wealthy.

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