Abortion clinic workers share how babies are born alive and killed

DKarpenUnderstandably, many pro-choice people don’t want to think about babies born alive accidentally during abortions. If challenged on this point, they will often say it is a myth.

But in a Life Dynamics video released in 2013, three employees of abortionist Dr. Douglas Karpen came forward and alleged that babies were being born alive and then killed in his Texas clinic. Karpen was dubbed the “Texas Gosnell” after the Philadelphia doctor who went to jail for infanticide. Gosnell had run a filthy abortion clinic where women died, and he killed countless living, fully formed babies outside of the womb before being brought to justice.


Pro-lifers set up a website documenting Douglas Karpen’s crimes. It features photographs of several of his infant victims. These pictures were captured by clinic workers who surreptitiously took the pictures with their cell phones. They show fully formed babies that look close to full term, who are covered with blood and mutilated. In one photo, you can clearly see where Karpen twisted the neck of the baby in order to kill him.  Here is a link to the pictures – please use discretion as they are extremely graphic and disturbing.

The former clinic workers who came forward to reveal the infanticide that went on in Karpen’s clinic are named Deborah Edge, Gigi Aguliar, and Krystal Rodriguez. They appear in the video that was uploaded to YouTube on May 14, 2013 by the pro-life group Life Dynamics. The interview itself was taped on May 3. Here is a partial transcript:

Deborah Edge: … I didn’t know that it was illegal. When he did an abortion, especially in an over twenty week abortion, most of the time the fetus would come completely out before he either cut the spinal cord [which is the same method Gosnell used to kill his babies] or introduced one of the instruments into the soft spot [of the head] of the fetus in order to kill the fetus. But I wasn’t aware – I thought, well, it’s abortion, you know, that’s what he does. But I wasn’t aware that it was illegal.

And on many occasions we had fetuses, that he would, um, use the process as far as the process… what is it called? He would dilate the cervix, then evacuate, evacuate the uterus. And most of the time we would see him, when the fetus would come completely out, of course the fetus would still be alive, because it was still moving… of course you could see the stomach breathing and that’s when he would do his – he would snap the spine as they’re saying that this doctor [Kermit Gosnell] did and of course the soft spot was where he would take one of the forceps… the dilators, and he would stick it into the soft spot of the fetus’s head.

Keep in mind that these “fetuses” were late term, fully developed, living and breathing babies.

Interviewer: You saw this happen?

Edge: Yes. I think every morning I saw several, on several occasions, if we had, maybe twenty patients of course, maybe ten or twelve or fifteen patients would be large procedures, and out of those large procedures, I’m pretty sure I was seeing at least three or four that were completely delivered in some way or another, because sometimes laminaria [sticks that are used to dilate the cervix and left in overnight before late term abortion procedure] can cause the cervix to become soft and and you don’t need a lot of… a lot of pulling or anything on it.

All you need is to take that package out, nine times out of ten, the fetus kind of… just to flow from inside out of her uterus out into, you know [here the interviewer stops her and asked her what she means by package, and she explains that she means the laminaria package, which has been inserted].

The baby, according to Edge, is ready to come out as soon as the laminaria are removed. In a normal D&E procedure, forceps are used to dismember the baby’s body and extract him piece by piece. According to Edge, this instrumentation is often not necessary – the babies came out on their own. And, of course, they came out alive.

In the more recent Planned Parenthood videos, abortionists referred to babies being delivered intact. Center for Medical Progress leader David Daleiden also mentioned this as being one of the pieces of information that Stem Express, the fetal tissue company, wanted to suppress.  One wonders if, just like the babies delivered by Karpen, these babies were alive at delivery. This was addressed in an article by Jill Stanek.

In the 2013 video, Edge verifies that she saw babies born alive being killed outside the womb. Some of these babies were decapitated when the abortionist (Karpen) twisted the head off the neck with his bare hands.

Another clinic worker, Krystal Rodriguez, stated that sometimes Karpen took an instrument to the baby’s stomach in order to kill him or her. The method of murder seemed to be based on whatever instrument the abortionist could grab the fastest. Occasionally, he would put his finger into the throat of the baby. Gigi Aguliar then mentioned that one live aborted baby reached up and grabbed the doctor’s finger before he killed her.

The thought of a doctor violently killing a baby that is moving, kicking, and grabbing onto his hand is chilling and disturbing. But the testimony of these three brave clinic workers proves that this has been business as usual in Karpen’s clinic.

How many other late-term abortionists are doing the same thing?

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