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Abortion as an act of love?

That is what a new pro-abort effort is saying. On the website 45 Million Voices, they state:

We believe that an abortion can be an act of love.

When did killing a human life become an “act of love”? How can the bloody violence of human abortion be turned into something wonderful? Abortion isn’t wonderful. It is death and death should never be celebrated as love. What a sick perversion of everything good.

The website also states that:

We believe abortion is a normal choice that women make

If something is “normal” then how can it be wrong. That is the moral argument behind this push to mainstream abortion.

Thankfully most people do choose life. In the United States just under 20% of unborn children are killed. (This is down from about 30% dying during the early 1980s.)

This campaign to celebrate abortion was just launched today as various pro-abortion activist and they have been encouraging people who have had abortions to tweet using the hash tag #ihadanabortion. Why can’t they see that abortion takes a life? Is life not precious to them or have they never seen what abortion does?

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