Abortion advocates left with questions and heartbreak after Planned Parenthood video is released

The video of Planned Parenthood director Deborah Nucatola discussing the sale of fetal body parts while casually eating lunch may have dealt the abortion behemoth a blow they can’t recover from. Nucatola serves as Planned Parenthood’s Senior Director of Medical Services and talks openly about how best to maneuver preborn babies into position in order to kill them while still making sure that valuable body parts – hearts, lungs, livers – are able to be recovered.

The investigation rocked the nation, with the House of Representatives opening an investigation into Planned Parenthood, as well as five states vowing to investigate. The biggest setback for Planned Parenthood may be that this video threatens their core support group: pro-abortion advocates.

Even pro-abortion politicians are outraged over the video. The ones who have not denounced the video have remained utterly silent, refusing to defend Planned Parenthood in the wake of the scandal. Cecile Richards, Planned Parenthood CEO, has attempted to do damage control, but even that backfired wildly – her tweets trying to make Planned Parenthood the victim earned her scorn, anger, and sarcasm.

And now, at least one writer is publicly speaking up about how the video is causing her to doubt her pro-abortion beliefs, as she criticizes Richards’ response to the video.

Sorry Cecile, not buying it.

I’ve long supported a woman’s right to choose what to do with her own body up to a point, hoping that abortion is a choice made rarely and early. Hoping that everybody involved respects the enormity of what they do.

Hoping that women will find it in their hearts to do otherwise but believing that it’s their choice. Up to a point.

Yet this woman, one of Planned Parenthood’s top officials, talks as if she’s removing a tumor.

No matter how you feel about abortion, you cannot help but feel queasy as you listen to Nucatola talk about the gruesome process of partial-birth abortion and the harvesting of body parts.

But is it her tone that’s really the problem?

Or is it what she’s describing — a horror story that is apparently repeated every day, all over America?

… Richards says the organization doesn’t profit from the sale of those body parts – the $30 to $100 Nucatola mentions in the video — but only charges fees that cover the cost of providing the various parts to medical researchers.

Then she resorts to the default excuse of those under fire: Nucatola’s comments were taken out of context.

That may be but suddenly, abortion is looking a little different. Suddenly, it doesn’t sound like a simple medical procedure…

And I am left to wonder whether it’s time for a real gut check in America.

How many other pro-abortion Americans are having these same thoughts after this scandal? How many women who have had abortions – or are now considering them – are heartbroken over the true situation at Planned Parenthood, and are now ready to choose life?

Shortly after the investigative video was shared on YouTube, one woman wrote this, to Planned Parenthood, on Facebook:

abortion, planned parenthood, cmp

“I am simply sick. And to casually have this conversation eating and drinking wine. I have been an advocate for a long time. Right now I’m drinking wine as I consider the decision I madr at 16 to have an abortion at planned parenthood. Was my baby for sell? I am damn near suicidal”

Comments like these get to the heart of the issue, demonstrating why this video may strike such a major blow to Planned Parenthood.

The majority of Americans believe that Planned Parenthood merely provides healthcare, and aren’t even aware that they provide abortions – let alone that they’re the nation’s largest abortion provider. (Nucatola, in the video, admits that Planned Parenthood performs 40% of American abortions.)

The public at large has no idea the depths of Planned Parenthood’s depravity…but now this video has made the reality unmistakable. Planned Parenthood can’t pretend they’re simply a healthcare organization anymore, banking on the ignorance of Americans. Their true colors have been made obviously clear, and only the most fanatical pro-abortion extremists are attempting to defend them now.

And that may be the most damaging thing of all.

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