ABC’s ‘Scandal’ abortion scene is sick, but pro-abortion media’s applause over it is sicker

In the wake of the recent scandal over Planned Parenthood selling baby body parts (no pun intended), it seems that Hollywood has stepped in to do some of its bidding. Yes, damage control for the disgraced Planned Parenthood on prime time TV.

Last Thursday’s whole episode of “Scandal” was dedicated to hailing Planned Parenthood as the savior of women’s health and women’s rights. It culminates in a scene where character Olivia Pope undergoes an abortion with a slight smile on her face as a female medical professional uses her pointed instruments between Olivia’s legs. A baby is being killed. Hers and the President’s, without his knowledge, whom she has just broken up with earlier that day.

All the while Silent Night plays in the background. Indeed, a song dedicated to celebrating the birth of baby Jesus and the beautiful relationship between a mother and her newborn son is used to accompany a scene of a woman aborting her baby.

Then it ends with Olivia sipping on a glass of wine in front of her Christmas tree, no remorse, no emotion, just another day in the life of a high-powered career woman!

This “Scandal” episode, and more specifically, this abortion scene, has been applauded by the liberal media as being “brave and unprecedented”, “daring” and “magnificent”, “progress”, and “perfect”.

I am not a “Scandal” viewer or TV viewer in general, and watching this episode on the internet to see what all the fuss was about, just makes me glad that I don’t adulterate my mind with such sick content like this on a regular basis. Because ultimately, it’s content like this that will skew your mind to believe pernicious, self-destructive lies about the reality of abortion.

No matter how glamorous Hollywood portrays abortion by using one of its main characters on a popular show nonchalantly just having one, it will never change the the fact that abortion, by definition, is the ending of a life; the termination, the killing of a woman’s child, whether by the choice of the woman herself, or forcibly by another (as is often the case in communist China).

As women, as humans, we should all feel some emotion towards such a tragic situation, whether we are pro-life or pro-abortion.

Yet that is what the producers of the show, and the liberal media in general want us to become desensitized to and deny: reality.

See! Abortion is no big deal. Go to work, break up with boyfriend, move out of the White House, have an abortion, and you’ll still have the energy and time to sit down in front of your Christmas tree and enjoy a glass of wine. What?! That is Hollywood fantasy at its finest, people.

Yet this scene has been applauded as being “brave and unprecedented.” No emotional breakdown or soul searching to decide whether to keep the baby or abort her. No confrontation with her boyfriend. The scene was so anti-climactic that her abortion is not even overtly mentioned. Which is exactly how the liberal media so desperately wants the public to see abortion. Just another “legal medical procedure” like getting your cavity filled!

The reality with abortion is that a life has just been snuffed out. It will never ever not be a big deal. A child’s life has disappeared from the earth. Her dismembered corpse is lying in a Planned Parenthood clinic somewhere at the original scene of the crime, her eyes, spinal cord, and “gonads” are being sold, or left in a freezer for months until it’s time to do business, to fund the staff’s Lamborghini.

And the liberal media is celebrating what this character just did to her child as being “brave”?

When I think of mothers and what bravery means to me, I think of
immigrant parents who sacrifice their own comfort by working day and night for their children’s better future. I think of what our soldiers do on a daily basis to protect the freedoms of this country. Laying down your life for another. Putting others before yourself.

No, a character like this is not brave, but more like self-centered, selfish, narcissistic, callous, and unhealthily unemotional.

This scene is “unprecedented” and “daring”? Darn right it is unprecedented, but for all the wrong reasons. Unprecedented in its bold assault on decency and morality. And the producers of this show should have thought twice before they dared to put such a disgusting, immoral, and unrealistic show of abortion on prime time TV.

And “magnificent” and “perfect”? You have got to be kidding me. The only thing magnificent and perfect about this whole thing is how magnificently and perfectly it displays the moral void of the show’s producers and writers.

I’m suspecting I’m not the only one who feels this way, by the amount of backlash that has ensued. Many of us do not hail this as “progress” in our society, but the complete opposite. Human progress, they assert, is seeing a woman on a popular show having an abortion, and not batting an eye! And they wish this would happen more often!

Sounds more like the desensitization of our human emotions to feel and empathize with our very own children and the pain of their death. Sounds to me like a decline in our moral compass. Sounds to me like we have become narcissistic mini-gods who would put money, career, and convenience over the lives of our babies.

Sounds to me like we are not at all progressing, but regressing. Back to heathen times, when men and women would sacrifice their children to demonic “gods” like Molech, and then have a dance party afterwards. Except today, we would make ourselves the center of our worship. And the pro-aborts are jumping for joy that this very thing just happened!

If there is any level of decency, compassion, morality left in us, we will not stand for this. “Scandal” has gone too far. There is a line that shouldn’t be crossed. A woman having an abortion while Silent Night plays in the background is a mockery and direct assault on religion. The callousness with which the abortion is portrayed absolutely shows us the immorality and moral void of the producers of this show.

I encourage you to make your voice heard and let ABC and Disney (who owns ABC) know we will not stay silent. Sign Live Action’s petition. Share this story on social media. Voice your disgust to your friends on Facebook, Twitter, and anywhere you congregate on or offline. This is a big deal and they need to know it.

God help us, when our society throws away our offspring without remorse, then has the nerve to say it is brave.

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