31 million views and rising: People are seeing abortion for the first time

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There are viral videos soaring through the Internet via YouTube and Facebook opening our eyes to abortion in America and beyond like never before. The Washington Times recently covered the great significance of these 3 to 4 minute videos of an ex-abortionist explaining the very real and entirely ruthless process of abortion. Soon people will no longer be able to say they don’t know the truth about what abortion does to an innocent human being.

Live Action News released four videos in February detailing the types of abortion procedures and what happens in each process. Narrating and demonstrating these revealing videos is Dr. Anthony Levatino, who had performed over 1,200 abortions during his career and is now a pro-life activist.

Since the release of the project, the Abortion Procedures videos have had over 31 million views:

This is just the beginning for enlightening our desensitized culture to the horrors of the killings of unborn children. People perish for lack of knowledge, literally. But where knowledge abounds, there will be life.

I’ve counseled women at pregnancy resource centers for over seven years and I’ve heard countless times the accusation that CPCs don’t want to talk about abortion when women and families come in for our help. That’s not true. It’s quite the opposite. When a woman comes in completely set on abortion, I want to make sure she understands what she is choosing. Ninety percent of the time, she has no idea what an abortion involves. I will pull out our medical brochures explaining each type of abortion and will even call in a nurse for questions so they can understand the magnitude of the abortion process in every detail. I’ve found that when I educate each person with the stark truth and actual process of the choice of abortion, they seldom want to choose it. And rightly so. The truth reveals the darkness of abortion and then they can see the beauty of the choice of life.

It’s important that we continue to share these videos not because “pro-life people are so good” and “pro-abortion people are evil.” We are all in desperate need of wisdom and knowledge beyond our own understanding. But these videos should be shared because this is the truth and abortion must be seen for what it does. All people deserve to see and know the truth of abortion before they vote for it, embrace it, accept it, or worse… stand up for it. Share these videos so you can spread some knowledge that’s worth knowing. Your share could change the course of a child’s life forever. There is no more worthy reason than that.

For a complete list of the videos, click here.

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