25% of women who have abortions are also abused, study finds

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An academic study published this month reveals that about 25% of women seeking an abortion had been abused by their partners.  The meta-analysis researched and analyzed 74 previous studies from across the world to determine whether there was an association between intimate partner violence (IPV) and abortion. The results show a clear connection between the two, which must be addressed in any culture that offers its women abortion as an option. Women must be helped in the process.

Researchers from the Women’s Health Academic Centre, King’s College London undertook the meta-analysis and focused on what the World Health Organization defines as IPV: “’behavior within an intimate relationship that causes physical, sexual or psychological harm, including acts of physical aggression, sexual coercion, psychological abuse and controlling behaviours’ encompassing both current and past intimate partners.”

All studies in the meta-analysis were peer reviewed research studies. The findings, from across six continents, showed there were “high rates of physical, sexual, and emotional IPV” with women seeking abortions. Often the abuse was cited as the reason for seeking an abortion, as well. The study also found:

“[W]omen in abusive relationships were more likely to report inability to make autonomous contraceptive choices, partner contraceptive sabotage, and sexual violence, and they were less likely to have informed their partner about the pregnancy or involved him in decision-making about it. Not informing the male partner may then be explicable as a reason to avoid partner involvement or further abuse.”

These results show a disturbing reality that must be addressed by pro-lifers in order to not only prevent abortion but to save the lives of women in crisis. Repeatedly, the abortion industry shows that it is willing to hide abuse and cover up the agony with which woman suffer. Some examples include these reports from Live Action News on abortion clinics being willing to cover up statutory rape. There was this revelation that the DC Abortion Fund was helping cover up the rape of a minor abused by her father. Just last year Operation Rescue reported on Planned Parenthood helping encourage a minor to cover up her boyfriend’s sex crime and get an abortion. And it was only a week ago Live Action News reported on the Indiana abortionist who was on “hiatus” after failing to report child sex abuse.

The abortion industry is laden with such cover ups, and this research shows the implications are deadly, for the baby and potentially the women as well. The study says:

“Good practice obligates that termination services should have robust policies for ensuring women’s safety and confidentiality, providing information and referral pathways for those who disclose IPV, and exemplar guidance exists.”

One of the best solutions for women in a crisis pregnancy situation is a life-affirming pregnancy care center. As the name implies, these centers are designed to care for all of the pregnancy, not just to save a baby at the expense of the mother. True pregnancy care centers offer counseling and in many cases provide women with resources or referrals to safe places where they can carry their pregnancy to term without coercion to abortion or fear for their own lives. These same centers exist to help women make the best choices not only for their babies but for their own lives.

In a culture that worldwide shows one in every four women having an abortion has been abused by her partner, regardless of one’s opinion on a right to abortion, it is irresponsible not to provide help to the woman in crisis, not just a suction device into her uterus. That creates more problems than it solves for a woman traumatized by abuse.

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