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23 Planned Parenthood centers closed in 2015, survey finds


Twenty-three Planned Parenthood centers closed in 2015, according to numbers provided by STOPP International, a project of American Life League.

The analysis found that the number of Planned Parenthood facilities in the United States dropped from 668 to 645 in 2015. A detailed report will be released in January 2016.

The STOPP survey tracks all Planned Parenthood locations by country, and details the number of facilities that commit surgical and medical abortions.


The number of Planned Parenthood center has dropped significantly since its zenith of 938 facilities in 1995. Over the last decade, Americans have been exposed to Planned Parenthood’s legacy of lawbreaking and abuse, as undercover investigations by Live Action, and most recently by the Center for Medical Progress, revealed the true face of America’s largest abortion chain.

In summer of 2015, the group’s public funding came under intense scrutiny in light of undercover videos by the Center for Medical Progress, showing top-level Planned Parenthood executives discussing the trafficking of fetal body parts.

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In 2015, the number of Planned Parenthood surgical abortion facilities dropped from 173 to 166, while the number of medical abortion facilities increased from 164 to 187.

The rise in medication-only facilities reveals Planned Parenthood’s push for the future, as 90 percent of such locations is operated by the abortion group, STOPP reports.

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