21-year-old single mother commits suicide after abortion

21-year-old single mother commits suicide after abortion and breakup

After having an abortion, 21-year-old Jade Rees of Greater Manchester reportedly became so “upset and distressed” following the loss of her baby and a failed relationship that she hanged herself.

The tragic suicide followed two earlier apparent suicide attempts by Rees, who overdosed twice in 48 hours on prescription medication (following the abortion procedure).

In notes to her parents, Rees said she was distraught after her abortion. The Daily Mail reports on details surrounding the tragic case.

Miss Rees left handwritten notes addressed to her parents and two-year-old son, explaining the struggle she had faced since the devastating procedure, in which she stressed that her little boy ‘means everything to me’.

Just prior to – or perhaps during – her suicide, Rees listened to Ed Sheeran’s song “Small Bump,” which, according to Sheeran, was written about a friend’s miscarriage. The lyrics include:

You’re just a small bump unknown and you’ll grow into your skin

With a smile like hers and a dimple beneath your chin

(Oh) Finger nails the size of a half grain of rice

And eyelids closed to be soon opened wide a small bump

You were just a small bump unborn, for four months then torn from life

Maybe you were needed up there but we’re still unaware as why

Abortion was likely not the sole factor in Rees’s suicide as she discussed her ex-partner with her parents on the night of her suicide. She is also reported to have had a history of suffering from eating disorders and depression. Women who have a similar history may be more likely to commit suicide after an abortion, according to studies.

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