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The human rights abuses of the abortion industry must end.

The preborn child is the most vulnerable member of the human family, yet the least protected. Under federal law, abortion is legal throughout pregnancy — right up until birth. These innocent human beings, who are entitled to the most basic human rights, deserve to be treated with dignity and respect.

3,000 preborn children will die in America today.

Every 90 seconds, a child is aborted at Planned Parenthood.

Under Federal law preborn children can be aborted up until birth.

A preborn person’s life can be ended for any reason.


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I’m trembling. There is so much more going on than I knew. I have no words.- Facebook User
Glad I saw your videos. I was pro-choice, but now I'm horrified!- Eric, Georgia
Wow I never knew abortions were like that. How horrible.- Renee, Arizona
I'm officially 100% against abortion!- Jacqueline
This has just changed my mind on abortion.- Xavier, Missouri

Defending the most vulnerable.

people about the humanity of the preborn.

the human rights abuses and corruption of the abortion industry and lobby.

people to be a voice for the voiceless.