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Stand with Live Action to defend the preborn and defund Planned Parenthood in 2017! Donate now to help end abortion in our country!

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You Can Make the End of Abortion Possible.

Together, we can save the lives of thousands of preborn children that would otherwise become victims to abortion.

This all begins by changing our culture–by changing the hearts and minds of Americans–to understand and respect life at all stages. Thanks to passionate individuals like you, we have:

  • Gained over 50 MILLION views on our Abortion Procedure videos, released earlier this year, which expose each of the four prevalent types of abortion.
  • Changed hundreds of hearts and minds about abortion like Z.B. here: “Watching this video just changed my entire perspective on abortion. I can’t believe this is how it really happens.”
  • Exposed Planned Parenthood’s 3% myth – revealing their bogus math that abortion is only 3% of what they do in an exclusive motion graphic video.
  • Reached 1.6 MILLION likes on Facebook, reaching millions more each week with pro-life videos, graphics, and articles.
  • Led the way with our campaign to Defund Planned Parenthood — Live Action’s petition reached over 660,000 signatures this year.

This is Where You Come in.

Now with the results of this most recent election, our country has never been in a better position to put an end to abortion. But to make this happen, we must continue to build a culture of life in America.

When you make a tax-deductible donation before December 31st, you will join Live Action to carry out our plans to:


The truth about abortion through investigative research


Millions each week on social media with pro-life content


To change the hearts and minds about abortion


The lives of millions of preborn children


Pro-lifers to help defund Planned Parenthood in 2017