Women recall traumatic abortions: ‘The nurse said it was twins, and I began to scream…’

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The documentary “Life After Abortion” features testimonies from post-abortive women who describe agonizing pain and harsh treatment by abortion workers and abortionists. One woman said, “When I got to the procedure room, the doctor didn’t even acknowledge me. There was an assistant there who told me I had to take off the bottom half of my clothes. I was not given a gown or anything.”

Another woman remembered the cruel words of an abortion worker, saying, “She put the IV in my arm and I immediately began to throw up and she said, ‘Well, I bet you won’t do this again. I bet you won’t open your legs again.’ Very rude and cruel, and cold.”

A third woman said, “I’ll never forget going into the procedure room, laying on the cold table.… The doctor’s eyes were so cold and insensitive, staring at me from behind the mask.”

Another woman recalled that when the doctor came into the room, “he didn’t look at me. He didn’t talk to me, and he didn’t acknowledge me. He began to work on me, and I remember feeling horrifying cramps. And it was worse than they had ever told me.”

Another woman remembered experiencing extreme pain, only to be met with a complete lack of compassion. “[A]s they began the procedure, my body felt like it was being violently shaken off of the table, and they were yelling at me to be still,” she said. “And tears were streaming down my face. It was excruciating pain.”

Many women recalled feeling extreme pain during their abortions, including one who said, “I’ve never felt something so painful and so awful as that procedure,” and another who said, “It was excruciatingly painful, and I almost passed out.”

One woman was told by the abortionist, “You’ll feel a little tug. It’ll hurt a little bit. And that’s it.” But she said, “[I]t was much more than that. It was the feeling of my child being ripped from my body. And I remember laying there crying and wishing I could stop it. But it was too late.”

Another woman said, “I literally felt my soul was being sucked out that day.”

Another woman asked the question, “What I thought about was, how could something that’s a woman’s right cause so much pain?”

A third woman described seeing blood during her abortion and knowing her child had been pulled from her body and sucked into a jar:

I heard the sound of the vacuum, and all of a sudden, I saw the splattering of the blood. And I knew my baby had to be in that jar. I kept trying to get up, and look to see, was my baby there? But they kept pushing me back down and telling me I had to lay still.

And as soon as it was finished, they wheeled that jar out of the room so that I could not see if my baby was there.

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And another woman described the harrowing experience of aborting twins:

I tried to sit up to see what was going on and she pushed me back down and put her back to me [and] put her hand on my chest. I kept trying to get up because I wanted to see. And she took a pillow and put it on top of me, again trying to block my view. I saw her pick up a trashcan, and then again, she was trying to almost straddle, to keep me from seeing. But at that time, I saw a nurse come in at another angle, and she was carrying a trash bag.

My mother gasped, and she said, “Oh my God, it’s twins!” And I heard one nurse say to the other nurse, “it’s twins.”…

The nurse looked up at me, and smiling said, “Oh, look. Twins.” And I can remember screaming, “Oh my God, what have I done?” And then I began to scream, “Stop! Stop!” And I was trying to get up off the table. And the abortionist began to scream at me and tell me to lay still. And the nurse had to come, and kind of put her body over mine, to hold me down…

And then she took the trash bag and she tied it in a knot, and she walked out – and I can see it just as clear as day – she walked out with the twins in that trash bag.

This woman attempted suicide after her abortion.

Another woman asked after her abortion, “Was it a boy or a girl?” She said:

[W]hat were once warm and very comforting surroundings and atmosphere, you could’ve heard a pin drop. And the atmosphere turned cold and stone – stone cold, and the [abortion worker] broke the silence and said, “What does it matter now?”

These women all experienced their abortions as the opposite of empowerment, despite abortion proponents’ claim that abortion helps women. All of them suffered from guilt, sadness, and depression after their abortions.

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