Women of Facebook respond: ‘Would you have aborted if it had been illegal?’


“If abortion is made illegal, it will still happen anyway.” That’s the claim commonly made by abortion advocates when politicians speak of restricting or criminalizing abortion. But the fact that abortion is legal in society — and presented as an “easy” solution to an unplanned pregnancy — has made many people view it as more acceptable. Legality frequently equates to morality in people’s minds. The question is, would women who choose legal abortion truly still choose it if it were made illegal? We can’t know for sure. But we can find out if those who chose it would have chosen differently if it had been illegal at the time.

Canadian pro-life group Choice 42’s Laura Klassen has rocketed to pro-life fame with her pink wig and clever videos, and she also has a large Facebook following. Recently, she asked women who had abortions if they would have made the same choice if abortion had been illegal. The answers she received, which she then posted anonymously, were very revealing.


“If it had been illegal, I would not have done it….” wrote one woman.

“I believe if abortion was illegal, my family wouldn’t have made me,” said another, who was clearly pressured to abort.

“If abortion was a punishable crime, no way would I have done it…” another wrote. “Abortion has been normalized to be an easy way out.”

“I would not have had one. I was heavily pressured by my boyfriend and by my doctor,” another woman said. “I wanted the baby but did not stand up to the pressure.”

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“No, I would not have,” wrote another. “For starters I would have known it was wrong!” She continued:

At the time (1995) my friends supported me and said I had to do what I had to do. So naturally I didn’t think it was wrong. Not to mention, I didn’t understand that I was pregnant with an actual baby until at the abortion clinic when they did an ultrasound to confirm gestation and it clicked in my teenage brain that ultrasounds were to see babies, so why were they doing an ultrasound on me?

Although it was my mom who pressured me, I was 15. I thought I was doing what you were supposed to do when you got pregnant accidentally as a teen. If it had been illegal, my mom would not have pressured me and put my life in danger. However, I did suffer many consequences and she inadvertently put my life in danger because of it. I had a 6 week long infection, and I became suicidal. I don’t think she realized how deeply it would affect me when she thought she was helping me in my future.


“… I was forced to have an abortion and I believe if it was illegal it would not have happened,” another woman said.

Many others expressed similar sentiments, saying that if abortion were illegal, “I would have my precious child today.”

When abortion was legalized, abortions skyrocketed. Legalized abortion has left in its wake millions upon millions of dead children and wounded parents, grandparents, siblings, and many more.

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