Woman transported to hospital by ambulance from Jacksonville abortion facility

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Operation Rescue has reported that an ambulance arrived at A Woman’s Choice of Jacksonville, an abortion facility in Jacksonville, Florida, on February 15, 2017, to escort a patient to the hospital. The patient was suffering from seizures and the abortion clinic was not equipped to provide her with adequate medical treatment.

Pro-life activists who were at the scene were able to get a video of the incident which they sent to Operation Rescue.


This isn’t the first time an emergency situation has occurred at A Woman’s Choice of Jacksonville. In 2008, the facility failed to provide the required 24-hour contact for a patient who then required admission to the Emergency Department when clinic staff did not respond to a page regarding her condition.

In 2013, the facility called 911 for an emergency with a patient. The facility has also been cited for health and safety violations.

“This is a sight that is becoming far too common at our nation’s abortion facilities. That is because abortionists are bottom of the barrel as far as observing patient care standards. For some reason, abortionists act like those standards and other laws simply don’t apply to them,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “All that corners-cutting ends up endangering women.”

The Jacksonville facility provides both medical abortions up to eight weeks and surgical abortion up to 20 weeks gestation. The business’s website advises patients that abortions for those 16 weeks and further along will take two days to complete. The facility also offers something called “VIP Abortion Service,” which features special security for patients who want to “ensure not being seen or recognized by other patients, friends and/or family members.”

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