Woman injured in 34th documented incident at dangerous NYC Planned Parenthood

Woman injured in 34th documented incident at dangerous NYC Planned Parenthood

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Pro-life watchdog group Operation Rescue is reporting that a woman was transported via ambulance from the notorious Margaret Sanger Planned Parenthood facility in New York City on February 7. This marks the 34th documented time since 2016 that ambulances have responded to this dangerous abortion facility.

According to reports from Operation Rescue’s sources, the patient was transported from the building and wheeled into a waiting ambulance. Her face was covered with a sheet, and OR noted that “[a]n orange gurney strap accentuated her swollen abdomen that seemed to indicate a possible second trimester pregnancy.” The Margaret Sanger Center commits abortions through 24 weeks of pregnancy; however, Planned Parenthood’s website notes, “If your last period was after 24 weeks and 0 days, we can still help. Call us for a referral list of health care providers in your area that offer other abortion services.”

Named after Planned Parenthood’s infamous eugenicist founder, the Sanger Center has a storied history of harming women. Just last year, ambulances responded to at least 13 911 calls. Pro-life activists have noticed a marked uptick in the number of medical emergencies at this facility since the passage of New York’s Reproductive Health Act in January 2019. The act removed many of the laws meant to protect women from dangerous abortion procedures, making abortion legal through all nine months (bringing the state in line with Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton), and allowing non-physicians to commit abortions.

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To make matters worse, this particular location does not have an elevator that can accommodate a gurney, which means that women in distress must be transported outside in a wheelchair. Many times, pro-life witnesses have noticed that ambulances responding to the facility do so without sirens, turning them off several blocks away from the facility. This is a common request from abortion facilities who do not want to draw attention to the number of medical emergencies that take place within their walls. Despite the clearly dangerous conditions at this facility, it continues to operate.

“The Margaret Sanger Planned Parenthood is an unsafe abortion facility that has hospitalized at least 34 women – thirteen just last year. We consider it to be one of the most dangerous abortion facilities in America,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue. “This facility targets poor urban women of color for abortions and enjoys political protection from pro-abortion city and state officials. It’s time for the people of New York to raise their voices in opposition to the racial targeting, shoddy patient care practices, and brutal destruction of life that takes place at this Planned Parenthood facility, and demand that it be closed for good.”

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