What’s more offensive? Ultrasounds vs. sex parties

prenatal surgery

Last week, pro-lifers in Idaho performed live ultrasounds on pregnant volunteers in order to show everyone watching that the non-traumatic ultrasound showed moving, living children. It was an attempt to prove that women seeking abortions should see that image of their child. The media and pro-aborts reported the act as a “spectacle,” “strange,” and “part reality TV.” But who has ever been offended by an ultrasound photo of an unborn baby?

“Offensive,” “strange,” and “inappropriate” describe the actions of pro-abortion groups, including Planned Parenthood. Nothing makes it clearer than their videos and school trips. These groups are constantly creating a spectacle of sex in an attempt to lure in more clients and create repeat business. It is a tactic duplicated by Planned Parenthood clinics across the country. Planned Parenthood breaks down the natural inhibitions of young people and leads them into a life of casual sex with dire consequences including HPV, emotional trauma, and lowered self-esteem. Yet Planned Parenthood and other pro-abortion groups work diligently to promote casual sex as a no-consequence good time.

Masquerade for a Cause

Planned Parenthood of Southwest and Central Florida is planning a masquerade party to celebrate safe sex in the “darkened halls” of the Tampa Museum of Art. The event will feature an open bar for beer and wine plus one free mixed drink, a cigar bar, a photo booth with props, appearances by local drag queens, and “other fun surprises,” including a Planned Parenthood Shag Bag – a bag filled with sex “goodies.” The message is less “safe sex” and more “lose your inhibitions and have sex right now.”

Voices for Choice

Planned Parenthood’s college outreach group, Voices for Choice or VOX, makes its presence known to college students through informational booths featuring “goodies” such as penis and “vagi” pops. VOX claims to be all about raising “public awareness about reproductive health and rights” and educating young people about sexual health. But it seems as though they are too busy handing out inappropriate candy and pushing casual sex on young students to get any real educating done.

Frisky Fridays

Bedsider is an online birth control “support network” whose goal is to make sure no unwanted babies are created. But their methods are a bit misleading. They give out free birth control and claim that they want women to have a “healthy, happy sex life without having to worry about unplanned pregnancy.” But pregnancy is caused by sex. Birth control doesn’t guarantee that pregnancy won’t happen.

In addition, Bedsider runs a Frisky Fridays weekly blog, which recently featured all things semen, including calorie count and flavor. The blog starts with this quotation: “If you’re getting it on with a guy, you’re dealing with semen. Why not get to know it better[?]” An earlier post promoted threesomes by saying, “If you do it and love it, be safe and carry on.” It’s signed, “Make sure the bed’s sturdy.” Classy.

The STD Art Contest

Planned Parenthood of Great Memphis is running an STD art contest open to college students and high school students. Entrants are asked to create their depiction of an STD of their choosing through drawing, painting, mixed media, digital media, costume, or performance. Educating youths about STDs is important, but making STDs look cute and fuzzy isn’t exactly educating. This is a misguided attempt to inform and empower. All it does is make light of serious diseases.

These same groups who are all about promoting penis-pops, shag bags, STD art, and the flavors of semen seem outraged by a projected ultrasound image of an unborn baby. But it isn’t that they truly believe that performing live ultrasounds for a crowd is creating a spectacle. These pro-aborts are just afraid of the truth coming out. Because when people know the truth, change happens. And when change happens against abortion, pro-abortion groups lose money.

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