Watch abortion supporters change their mind about abortion in minutes

What happens when abortion supporters are confronted with the truth about what abortion actually is? Several pro-life videos that have gone viral over social media are changing the minds of those who once self-identified as “pro-choice.”

The videos, produced by Live Action, are a part of the pro-life organization’s new project, which unmasks the reality of the four most prevalent abortion procedures in America. The videos are now the most-watched pro-life videos in history, with over 100 million views.Live Action conducted a series of man-on-the-street interviews to gauge public opinion on abortion, and whether individual hearts and minds would change on the issue when presented with the facts about how abortion procedures are performed.


Viewers who saw either the D&E abortion procedure video, the first trimester suction D&C video, or the abortion pills video, indeed had a change of heart. One interviewee called the abortion procedure “brutal,” while another said she no would longer support abortion.

Some abortion proponents even admitted they could no longer stand behind abortion in cases of incest or rape.

Screen Shot 2016-05-17 at 1.29.25 PM copy

Interviewer: Would you restrict [abortion] at any point?

Woman: No.

Interviewer: No? So all the way up?

Woman: All the way up

[Watches video]

Woman: It’s rough.

Interviewer:  Do you think now watching this— and from what you just said—do you still support abortion up to birth?

Woman: No. I don’t think I support it, period.

Narrated by former abortionist Dr. Anthony Levatino, who performed over 1,200 abortions before becoming pro-life, the videos unmask the truth about abortion that Planned Parenthood and the industry seek to hide. The videos are peer reviewed by OB/GYNs and medical professionals, and contain accurate medical animations to describe what happens during an abortion.

Screen Shot 2016-05-17 at 1.30.20 PM copy

Many interviewed admitted that after learning about the development of the child in utero, and about the violence of abortion procedures, the videos caused them to think less favorably about abortion.

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Live Action President Lila Rose said the videos bring to light the atrocity of abortion to the conscience of the American public.

“Abortionists have worked for decades to keep women in the dark about how developed their preborn children in the womb are and what abortion procedures actually entail for both the mother and the child,” Rose said.

“The more people learn about abortion, the more they see how barbaric and inhumane it is — whether the abortion is committed by depriving a preborn child of nutrients for days until she dies, or by ripping her limbs apart while she’s still alive, or by injecting her with a drug to end her life,” Rose said.

Below is the video to the second trimester D&E abortion procedure video, one of the videos used in the interviews.


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Live Action also conducted a unique online video survey and discovered that the second trimester D&E video caused nearly one third of “pro-choice” women surveyed to have a less favorable view about abortion. Twenty-eight percent of women who watched the video said there should be more restrictions on abortion.

Live Action conducted the survey among 502 women, ages 18-30, and analyzed the responses of women who self-identified as moderately liberal, slightly liberal, slightly conservative, or neither liberal nor conservative in their political leanings.

Among these women, almost half (46 percent) said the videos should be shown to high school sex education classes, while 39 percent said that pregnant women contemplating abortion should watch them.

“Pro-choice women told us that young people and women considering abortion should have access to these facts about abortion, not just to the pro-abortion spin that seems to dominate media, entertainment, and politics today.  The Internet allows us to spread the truth about abortion faster and farther than ever before, and the fact that these videos have already been viewed over 42 million times to become the most-watched pro-life videos in history proves it,” Rose added.

The Survey

Live Action conducted a online video survey through an independent polling company during the weeks of May 9th and 16th that asked 502 women ages 18-30 to watch its D&E Abortion Procedures video and respond to a series of questions.  The women were randomly chosen by online polling firm Survey Monkey from its universe of women 18-30 who self-identified their political leanings as moderately liberal, slightly liberal, slightly conservative, or neither liberal nor conservative.

Of those women who self-identified as “pro-choice,” 208 watched all or most of the video.  After watching the video, the 208 pro-choice women were asked:

Q.  Did the video change the way you view abortion?
9.1% I view abortion much less favorably
25.0% I view abortion somewhat less favorably
62.0% I view abortion the same as I had previously
1.4% I view abortion somewhat more favorably
2.4% I view abortion much more favorably

Q.  Under federal law, abortion is legal up until birth for any reason. Some states have further restrictions. After watching the video, do you think there should be more or fewer restrictions on abortion?
28.4% More restrictions
29.3% Fewer restrictions
42.3% Leave the current restrictions as-is

Q.  Who do you think should see this video? (Total >100% because respondents could check as many as they wanted.)
46.6% High school sex education classes
42.8% College students
39.4% Pregnant women considering abortion
38.9% General public
26.0% Elected officials
34.1% None of the above

To learn more about Dr. Levatino, and to see the rest of the Abortion Procedures videos, visit To watch more of the ‘man on the street’ videos, go here.

Editor’s Note, 6//17/19: This article was changed to include the updated number of Abortion Procedures video views. It was originally published in May 2016.

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