Video shows preborn baby jumping as father blows raspberries on mother’s belly


In an adorable video that showcases the bonding of a preborn baby girl and her parents, and the humanity of preborn persons, a father blows raspberries against his expectant wife’s belly. Each time he does it, the baby girl jumps in the womb.

As the baby jumps, the mother touches her stomach and giggles.

“Poor thing,” she says, rubbing her belly, as her husband continues to tease his baby girl.

Babies can start detecting noises around 16 weeks gestation and will spend the rest of the time in the womb listening to their mother’s stomach and lungs. Soon after, babies will respond like this little girl to voices and noises from outside of their mother’s body.

From the looks of this video, this baby girl will be laughing herself silly at her father for a long time to come.

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