‘Unplanned’ nominated for three awards, cut from televised show


UPDATE, 3/6/20: LifeSiteNews reports that “Hallmark has reportedly asked a Christian-based movie review organization to reissue its award show that was broadcast on the channel to include the nominations of pro-life movie ‘Unplanned.'” MovieGuide’s Ted Baehr said it was his organization that edited the awards show and made the decision to leave the movie out of the nominees listing. Baehr also claimed that some in his organization felt Unplanned should not have been nominated for an award in the first place.

3/2/20: The popular pro-life film “Unplanned” was honored with three nominations for the 28th Annual MovieGuide awards which aired on February 24 on Hallmark Drama. Yet, despite the fact that the film was recognized on stage for its nomination for one of the Best Movies for Mature Audiences, every mention of the film was cut from the televised show.

According to a press release, “Unplanned” received nominations for the Faith & Freedom Award as well as Best Movie for Mature Audiences. The film’s star Ashley Bratcher was also nominated for the Grace Award for most inspiring performance in a film.


“As many of you know, Unplanned was up for a couple of MovieGuide awards,” Bratcher wrote on Facebook. “I was personally nominated for the Grace Award for most inspiring performance in a film. HALLMARK HAS COMPLETELY SCRUBBED US FROM THE ENTIRE SHOW. We were the ONLY nominees who were not recognized. This is completely UNACCEPTABLE.”

Bratcher said that while they expected that the speech might be cut, the team behind “Unplanned” was shocked to realize that the film was also erased from the televised list of nominees. While Live Action News is unable to verify if “Unplanned” was the only film to be excluded, Bratcher called the film’s omission “outrageous.”

Bratcher also shared the speech she gave at the awards with her Facebook followers, during which she said, “It’s all glory to God and if no one remembers our names when this is over, please remember this: God is so real. He loves you so much. He has a plan for your life. Life is precious. And to every woman facing a crisis situation please know that you can be successful and be a mother, and that children will enrich your life along the way.”

Hallmark Drama has not responded to the allegations at this time.

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