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Tape of clinic failing to report sex abuse sent to Kentucky authorities

Contact: Lila Rose, [email protected] , (323) 454-3304

LOUISVILLE, April 27–Friday, student-led pro-life group Live Action sent full footage of their undercover investigation showing a Louisville abortion facility failing to report sexual abuse of a child to Kentucky authorities.

The 34 minute tape was taken by Live Action President Lila Rose and actor Jackie Stollar who posed undercover as minors with Rose telling the staff that she was 14-years-old and impregnated by her 31-year-old “boyfriend.” In the state of Kentucky, sex between a 14-year-old and a 31-year-old is rape in the third degree. Kentucky law requires child abuse to be reported to law enforcement immediately.

In media reports following the release of the footage to the public last Wednesday, the clinic admitted that an abused child report was not filed and that they “would never report it at that point” to authorities because of a lack of information. Live Action President and UCLA student Lila Rose disagrees, “This abortion center does not get to choose when to report abuse of a child. Kentucky law states that child abuse must be reported immediately and after clinic staff was clearly told about the abuse scenario, they failed to report or even ask the appropriate questions.”

Live Action is also requesting authorities investigate the clinic’s compliance with state informed consent laws. The clinic staff presents misinformation about fetal development, saying that, “you don’t get brain activity till like 18, 19 weeks” despite the fact that brain waves have been detected as soon as 6 weeks and 2 days after fertilization. The clinic also falsely implies that the unborn child is not living by stating that, “it’s not a living, breathing, baby at this point”. Live Action believes these statements indicate the clinic may be disregarding state health standards and informed consent laws.

The Kentucky authorities who are receiving copies of the footage are Commonwealth’s Attorney R. David Stengel, State Attorney General Jack Conway, and the Cabinet for Health and Family Services.

Live Action has previously released videos of statutory rape cover-up at Planned Parenthood abortion clinics in Bloomington, INIndianapolis, INMemphis, TNBirmingham, ALLos Angeles, CATucson, AZPhoenix, AZ, and Milwaukee, WI. Prompted by a Live Action video, the Alabama Health Department placed the Birmingham clinic on probation after conducting its own investigation which found 9 legal violations.

Watch highlights of the undercover video, as well as the unedited tape at: http://liveaction.org/index.php/projects/monalisa/142
Learn about Live Action: http://liveaction.org


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