Study reports drop in number of Planned Parenthood affiliates

Study reports drop in number of Planned Parenthood affiliates

The American Life League just released their STOPP International project, a study that researched Planned Parenthood. The study looked into the salaries of Planned Parenthood CEOs and employees, as well as the number of affiliates. They discovered that 23 Planned Parenthood centers closed in 2015, from 668 to 645. It’s a far cry from their glory days of 1995, when they boasted 938 facilities.

The STOPP International study had more interesting information, though. In addition to the drop in overall facilities, they’ve documented a drop in Planned Parenthood affiliates as well.

The 62 affiliates brought in $1,066,438,338 in 2013
• They’ve merged 17 affiliates since 2011; that’s a 23.4 percent decrease in the last four years
• That is an average of a 4.68 percent decrease per year
• If Planned Parenthood continues consolidating at that rate, we can expect it will continue to
merge an average of 3 affiliates a year

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Why has Planned Parenthood seen a drop in affiliates, as well as in overall facilities? A more detailed report will be coming next month, so for now, we can only speculate. Over the twenty years, and the past decade specifically, more and more Americans have been exposed to Planned Parenthood’s true colors, thanks to undercover investigations from Live Action, and from the Center for Medical Progress. They’re now seeing fewer clients than ever before, and more Americans view Planned Parenthood negatively than ever before. Certainly, that could affect Planned Parenthood’s bottom line.

Another reason why Planned Parenthood could have fewer affiliates is because they now require that all affiliates provide abortion. Affiliates who want to provide health care for women, but not abortion, are forced to choose between disassociating with Planned Parenthood and performing abortions. Unsurprisingly, at least some affiliates choose to leave Planned Parenthood because of the mandate. How many affiliates has Planned Parenthood lost because they no longer care about providing health care for women? It’s obvious that their main focus is getting as many abortions performed as possible, which the STOPP International report also makes clear. They’ve been drastically increasing the number of medication-abortion only centers, and currently operate 90% of all such centers in the United States. The increase in medication-abortion centers this year is the largest for Planned Parenthood since 2010.

Is the reason that Planned Parenthood is losing so many affiliates because of their abortion fanaticism? We may never be completely sure, but it certainly seems to look that way.

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