Students for Life launches middle school curriculum

Students for Life of America has announced its latest effort to stop the lies of the abortion industry and teach children the truth about life inside the womb and abortion. The group has launched a new curriculum for middle school students.

The group’s president, Kristan Hawkins, announced the news via email, saying that her team has been working on the curriculum for several months. They have met with educational professionals to determine the best ways to cover these topics with middle school aged children.

“Years ago this program wasn’t necessary but, sadly, today it is,” wrote Hawkins. “Planned Parenthood and its allies are relentless in their pursuit to talk to students in all grade levels – they are recruiting long-term clients. But we are pushing back. We are going to be talking to those students too and hopefully stop them from becoming clients of the largest abortion provider in the country.”

Schools have already begun to sign up for the program, and Students for Life expects more will follow.

There are over a thousand Students for Life groups in high schools and colleges across the United States, outnumbering Planned Parenthood pro-abortion student groups 4 to 1. These pro-life students work to raise awareness on fetal development and abortion. In addition, they help pregnant students to choose life and succeed.

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