Reprints of Live Action News articles must comply with the following requirements unless Live Action staff or a Live Action News editor has communicated an exception. Failure to follow these guidelines will result in termination of reprint privileges.

  1. Permission must be granted to reprint either through a standing reprint arrangement or one-time approval. Requests can be made to [email protected]
  2. Reprint permission only covers the article title and text and images created or owned by Live Action. Images that Live Action has licensed from other owners are not covered under the reprint arrangement. Live Action cannot grant reprint rights to images that it does not own. If there is doubt about the ownership of an image, assume that Live Action has licensed it or gotten permission from a third party and does not own the image.
  3. Reprints must start with one of the following texts with the linked part linking to the original publication of the article reprinted:
  4. The bottom of article must state the following with the linked part linking to the originally published article:
  5. The reprint must display the byline name of the Live Action News writer responsible for the piece.
  6. Failure to follow these rules will result in forfeiture of reprints rights to the piece that violated the rules as well as future reprints.
  7. Articles must be reprinted without modification of text. Modification of text is possible with prior approval.
  8. The article’s title must be consistent with the text of the article.
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