Pro-life teen receives broken nose in attack from pro-abortion man

Kristan Hawkins, President of Students for Life of America, has sent out an email asking for help. One of her leaders in Alabama was offering help to a couple who had just aborted their baby and in return he ended up getting punched in the face.

Hawkins says that 17-year-old Ke’Ontai was at his local park handing out “Abortion Is Not Social Justice” postcards to help change hearts about abortion. A man started arguing with Ke’Ontai about whether or not life begins at conception. That’s when the man shouted that his wife had had an abortion because “that’s what they needed to do.”

Ke’Ontai then offered the man information on post-abortion counseling. The man, who may be dealing with post-abortive stress, angrily told Ke’Ontai that he didn’t want it. Then he pushed Ke’Ontai down and begin punching him. Ke’Ontai was taken to the hospital and treated for a broken nose.

Despite this frightening attack, Ke’Ontai told Hawkins that he has forgiven the man and is asking pro-lifers to pray for the couple. And he won’t let this one man’s anger stop him from spreading the truth about abortion and its effects on parents.

If you would like to send Ke’Ontai a message of support, you can do so here.

Ke’Ontai wasn’t allowed to create a Students for Life group at his high school, so he moved on and created a community group. His passion for saving lives is undeniable, and your support can help him move forward in his mission.

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