Pro-life student groups outnumber Planned Parenthood student groups 4 to 1

Kristan Hawkins, president of Students for Life of America, shared exciting news this week on how the pro-life generation is steadily growing across the United States. Students for Life groups now outnumber Planned Parenthood campus groups by an astounding 4:1.

According to Students for Life, Planned Parenthood currently has 275 campus groups. In comparison, Students for Life boasts 1,043 groups and counting. These groups include active college, high school, law and medical school students as well as young professional pro-life groups.

“This enormous gap between pro-life and pro-choice students indicates that the pro-life message is resonating where it needs to the most, right where the abortion industry targets: our campuses,” said Hawkins in an email. “We are meeting students where they are, having passionate and effective conversations on campus, and changing hearts and minds.”

It’s been ten years since Hawkins became the sole full-time staff member at Students for Life, and she has since added 29 additional full-time staff members around the country. Her team oversees student groups in various regions and works to hold baby showers for pregnant moms on campus, create educational pro-life campus displays, host pro-life speakers, hold diaper drives, and attend the annual March for Life.


The difference in the number of pro-life versus pro-choice student groups speaks volumes on just how deeply young people disagree with abortion. This offers a brighter hope than ever before in the fight against abortion, as each year more of these pro-life students are able to vote and therefore continue the trend of pro-life laws and abortion restrictions, ultimately leading to the end of abortion in the United States.

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