Pro-abortion students at Johns Hopkins threaten to mob pro-life booth

Students in favor of abortion at Johns Hopkins University have threatened to mob a pro-life table at the Spring Fair this weekend. The Spring Fair Committee had banned fetal models from the North Baltimore Pro-Life Study Group’s booth, calling the model display offensive and disturbing. After JHU Voice for Life joined the group in protesting that decision, the committee reversed their ruling and will allow the models to be displayed.


“I firmly believe that that was the wrong thing to do. As a campus, Hopkins can tolerate a variety of students’ views,” said Andrew Guernsey, VFL co-president. “The fact that fetal models are disturbing—I found that ironic that they found that disturbing given that Hopkins is a world-class medical institution. That would not be the case in my view.”

Pro-abortion students took to Facebook to air their complaints and plan a possible counter-demonstration.

One student asks:

“Can we stage a counter-demonstration? Like, show up to their booth with a bunch of people holding conveniently large signs, block them off from the crowd, and hand out free chocolate chip cookies or something?”

Another student agrees saying:

“We could absolutely just crowd the living hell out of the booth.”

And a third student chimes in to say:

“If you’re gonna do a topless protest, this would be the time.”

Some took to personally attacking Guernsey, calling him “dirty Guersney” and “little sh*t” among other things.

There are two issues that seem to be causing concern among  pro-abortion students at JHU. First, the Spring Fair is a family event, and pro-abortion students feel that having a display of fetal models would not be appropriate. Secondly,  women who have had abortions could have feelings of guilt and shame after seeing the display.

With regards to fetal models not being appropriate for children, student Alyssa Brann squashed that concern by reminding everyone about the topless women tossing out condoms at last year’s fair. She argues that would be more difficult to explain to children than models of preborn children, which are simply “what babies look like while they’re still in the tummy.”

As for the display triggering feelings of guilt and shame over a past abortion, pro-abortion student Jackie Choi argues that the display is pro-life. She says the display will inform post-abortive women that their choice was not right, and that “they are guilty of some crime, that they have done some wrong.”

Choi adds that the Spring Fair involves drinking, and the university has pledged to protect women. Therefore, Choi says the pro-life display is the university’s way of “very loudly and clearly” stating that they have “prioritized, um, ‘free speech’ over the emotional well-being and happiness of any woman to whom this may apply.”

Brann, however, believes anyone who witnessed a woman become emotionally distraught over the models would help the woman by steering her away from the display, and offer comfort. This is better than sending topless women to block the booth, and forcing women to keep believing the lie that their child was a clump of tissue or a mass of cells.

Hiding the truth doesn’t help anyone heal from any feelings of shame, remorse or guilt that they may be dealing with. And if those fetal models are a trigger, wouldn’t any future ultrasound image be a trigger? Or pregnancy magazines and books? Or going to the OB/GYN?

Guernsey told Fox News that as of Saturday morning, no students had come out to block the pro-life display, or counter-demonstrate. The pro-abortion students on Facebook are worried that would just bring more media attention to the pro-life side.  What it comes down to is that pro-abortion students really aren’t as concerned with protecting women as they claim, and in reality, they simply want to hide the truth from themselves and others.

After all, realizing and accepting that preborn babies are actually human beings would be a big downer during the Spring Fair.

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