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Pro-abortion editor of RH Reality Check says there is “no difference” between pro-lifers and Islamic terrorists

Take a minute and think about the difference between pro-lifers and Islamic terrorists. One group wants to save lives; the other takes them. It really is that simple. The two have nothing whatsoever in common. Islamic terrorists kill people around the world in a sick sacrifice to their twisted fanaticism for violence and bloodlust, as well as force women to live as second-class citizens and slaves. They commit appalling human rights abuses. Pro-lifers…try to protect unborn children.

To any rational person, there isn’t any comparison between the two. But to pro-abortion extremist Jodi Jacobson, editor-in-chief of the radically pro-abortion website RH Reality Check, pro-lifers are just like Islamic terrorists. To her, there’s no difference at all.

It all started with a rather non-offensive tweet from Jacobson:

But that commonsense proclamation that literally everyone in the world (except Islamic terrorists, of course) agrees with soon descended into this:

OK — so, denying women the “right” to have an abortion is the same thing as killing, maiming, and imprisoning women now? Saving the life of an unborn child is the same thing as killing hundreds and thousands of innocent people? Women not having the ability to kill their unborn children is similar to a woman having her nose sliced off for not wearing a veil, or being stoned to death because she was raped, or being shot in the head for daring to get an education?

Someone clearly is deluded. And it’s easy for Jacobson to make such a ridiculous comparison when she leads a cushy, entitled, safe life in the United States, where she didn’t have to worry about murder attempts because she got an education, or undergo female genital mutilation, or worry that she could be stoned to death because she had sex with someone who wasn’t married to — or even was married to, but her family didn’t approve of. It’s typical condescending American feminism, saying that the ability to have an abortion is just as important as a woman’s right to be able to live freely without terror regimes oppressing her every move, or having to live in fear of the human rights abuses terrorist groups are so infamous for. Does she not realize what would happen if she tried to run her mouth this way to them? If she even mentioned having an abortion? She either is totally clueless, or she’s being intellectually dishonest.

Jacobson argues that denying women abortion is the same thing as denying women health care (say it with me: abortion is not health care), so therefore, it’s the same thing as torturing women and killing anyone who doesn’t fall in line. The idea is so ludicrous that you really have to wonder if she actually believes it, or if she’s just desperately grasping at straws in a pitiful attempt to make pro-lifers look bad. And really, it says a lot about the extremism of the pro-abortion movement that you can’t be sure one way or the other.

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