Planned Parenthood says defunding would be bad for women – but is this true?

Planned Parenthood, Abortion corporation

Since the debate over whether taxpayers should be forced to fund Planned Parenthood began, the abortion corporation’s supporters have argued that defunding Planned Parenthood would be bad for women — but this implies that funding Planned Parenthood is good for women. And yet, we know that Planned Parenthood is far from the “good” organization it purports to be.

If Planned Parenthood supporters’ premise were correct, then all things “good for women” should be, in theory, funded by taxpayers. But as a woman myself, I can think of a myriad of things that are, by my definition, “good for women,” and yet these things are not allocated federal funds.

Several Live Action investigations have shown that Planned Parenthood is certainly not good for women, as documented in this list below:

  • Planned Parenthood has been shown to commit abortions for reasons of sex selection, specifically discriminating against preborn children simply for being either male or female.
  • Planned Parenthood has been shown to cover up child sex trafficking.
  • Planned Parenthood has been shown to cover up sexual abuse.
  • Planned Parenthood has misled the public into believing they provide mammogram services. They don’t.
  • Planned Parenthood was founded in eugenics, as was their slogan.
  • Planned Parenthood has been found willing to receive racially motivated donations.
  • Planned Parenthood has given disturbing sex advice to young girls (Warning: graphic content here.)

The truth is that abortion itself is not good for women. Its devastating effects are well-known, with thousands of women giving first-hand testimonies of its physical and emotional harms. Yet abortion is Planned Parenthood’s primary focus, as Live Action News has documented several times in the past, despite the organization’s bogus claim that it is only 3 percent of what they do.

The most basic right every human being has is the right to life. When deciding where to spend taxpayer dollars, perhaps it would be wiser for Congress to base its decisions on this fact. Planned Parenthood repeatedly violates this fundamental right by advocating for and committing abortions — around 328,000 per year, despite their false claim that “federal dollars do not pay for abortions.”

Planned Parenthood lobbies to repeal the Hyde Amendment (restricting federal dollars from paying for certain abortions) and also neglects to tell the public the truth: that taxpayers are, indeed, already paying for abortions in various ways.

Planned Parenthood prez tweets to repeal Hyde

In March, president Cecile Richards rejected President Trump’s offer to take defunding off the table if Planned Parenthood would stop committing abortions. When Richards was asked by NPR host Ari Shapiro if Planned Parenthood would take this deal, she replied, “Absolutely not.”

The numbers show that while taxpayer dollars to Planned Parenthood have doubled over the years, abortions at Planned Parenthood have increased. As the largest provider of abortions nationally, Planned Parenthood has cornered over 34 percent of the abortion market. However, when it comes to providing actual life-saving care (like cancer screenings), they only perform about 2% of the nation’s cancer screenings for women:

There are many reasons why Planned Parenthood does not deserve government funding, and it is important to get all the facts, instead of merely listening to Planned Parenthood’s own talking points. Instead of funding the nation’s largest abortion profiteer, there are thousands of health centers that are uncontroversial, highly qualified, and equipped to provide the majority of the care women need. An organization that misleads women, aids and abets sex traffickers and abusers, and withholds the whole truth about pregnancy and fetal development from women shouldn’t be propped up with taxpayer dollars and can’t be good for women.

It’s long past time to defund this corrupt organization.

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