The O’Reilly Factor devotes “Talking Points” to addressing Planned Parenthood and abortion

Joins the growing chorus of calls for an investigation.

The O’Reilly Factor has covered abortion before, fortunately with a pro-life tone, and has even had Lila Rose appeared on an episode of the program in May. While the Live Action founder and president did not appear on the January 8 episode, it was still refreshing to see the media dedicating time to talking about abortion. Bill O’Reilly likes to mention that they are looking out for the folks, and when he features such talking points as “ABORTION AND YOUR MONEY,” in addition to other topics I find that the media spends more time covering, such as the economy, I find myself believing him.

While it’s always a treat to see Lila make appearances, it is refreshing also to see that such news programs don’t need an undercover investigative video (the episode in May featured the first “Gendercide Investigation” video) in order for abortion and Planned Parenthood to be relevant. As already mentions, the talking points was titled “ABORTION AND YOUR MONEY” and the Bill O’Reilly website lists this Talking Points Memo/Top Story as “Aborting babies at taxpayers’ expense.” The segment is embedded below:

Bill mentions that “[w]e have been taking a very hard look at a disturbing situation that may be a major violation, maybe of federal law.” This allegation is not a surprising one for Planned Parenthood to be involved in, but it is indeed disturbing, and I hope that O’Reilly and The Factor will continue to take “a very hard look.” This involves calling for an investigation on Planned Parenthood, in the form of an honest audit.

Now pro-lifers are appalled at all the money Planned Parenthood makes – not just because any amount could go to abortion, but because any amount of their hard-earned taxpayer dollars goes to such an organization that advocates and performs such a heinous procedure. But, as Bill also mentions, it is also especially appalling how much money Planned Parenthood receives when we are in such difficult economic times.

Because Fox likes to be “fair and balanced,” and The O’Reilly Factor is no different, the program had an opposing viewpoint to discuss the Talking Points Memo as part of the Top Story. Cristina Page, a pro-choice author, who also writes for the Huffington Post, provided that opposing viewpoint. At the end of the segment, Bill commented that it was a “spirited debate,” and I commend Page for offering her viewpoint. But I also commend Bill for sticking to his own point and not backing down.

Ms. Page mentioned that an investigation, in the form of an honest audit, is “offensive” and a “witch hunt.” And Ms. Page may believe that a majority of Americans would agree with her, but it’s not a case I’m buying. She also could not say that she respects Americans who did not want to pay for abortion. She also seemed so sure that Planned Parenthood was not breaking the law. I am curious as to how she can be so sure.

Yet Bill still stands by calling for an investigation. As I see it, and as I’m sure he does and other pro-lifers do, what is actually “offensive” here is that Planned Parenthood has unwavering, almost blind, support from the president and others in power to the point where it is deemed a “witch hunt” to hold this organization, which specializes in the destruction of unborn babies, to the same standards as others. My guess is that Ms. Page, and other supporters of Planned Parenthood, are really just afraid of what the truth will reveal to Congress and the public about what really goes on.

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