No, pro-lifers won’t ‘shut down’ the government over abortion

If the government shuts down this fall, it will be the fault of pro-abortion President Barack Obama.

It will be the fault of deceptive, human rights abuser, Planned Parenthood who, incidentally, is right now spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to target U.S. Senators. The purpose? Threatening them with the loss of their seats next November if they dare to vote a second time to defund Planned Parenthood.

Amazing, isn’t it? Planned Parenthood – who receives 41% of its budget from the taxpayers – can so easily reach into its back pocket and pull out six-figures for a “broadcast and cable ad buy” today. Yes, today.

This after Planned Parenthood just ran a $290,000 ad buy in late July to target three other Senators, including Democrats Joe Manchin and Joe Donnelly who courageously broke across the aisle to vote in favor of defunding.

Not only does Planned Parenthood finance the Senate campaigns of the politicians it wants in the palm of its greedy hand, but the abortion giant also rolls out the big bucks in an attempt to shut certain Senators up and control their voting.

The ads are a chilling attempt to reverse the tables on Planned Parenthood’s own deep, inner corruption that reaches to the very heights of its leadership. Faced with visual evidence of breaking multiple federal laws and regulations, Planned Parenthood is striking out, like a viper, seeking to devour any leader of the people who dares to oppose them.


The manifestly unjust thing about this (well, one of many unjust things) is that the taxpayer funding of Planned Parenthood makes their ad buys and financed Senate campaigns possible. If we, the average American citizens, were not forced to pay into the golden coffers of the American abortion giant, Planned Parenthood would not have six figures sitting around, waiting to be spent on politics.

If Planned Parenthood had to actually earn that 41% of its budget, instead of having the government – and us – as its sugar daddy, Planned Parenthood would be unable to spread its vicious lies and damaging deceit on public airways. Because, with Planned Parenthood’s dismal standard of care, it simply wouldn’t be able to earn those numbers.

Federally qualified health centers and community health centers already far out-perform the abortion giant in women’s healthcare, serving over ten times the number of people Planned Parenthood does every, single year.

But I digress. Let’s get back to the government shutdown.

President Obama with Planned Parenthood President, Cecile Richards

President Obama with Planned Parenthood President, Cecile Richards

It’s not conservatives or pro-lifers or Republicans who want to shut the government down. It’s President Obama and Planned Parenthood, who expects the politicians to follow in line like good little puppies.

Time and again, the Obama administration has proved that it will choose abortion over almost anything. Over care for human trafficking victims. Over legitimate compromise on a healthcare system. And over passing a federal budget.

So let no one deceive you or charm your ears. Here’s the blatant truth: If, in the fall, the Senate and House pass a budget that does not fund Planned Parenthood and President Obama vetoes it, he is the one shutting down the government. The blame will lie solely on his abortion fanaticism that is completely out of touch with the American public.

And if our president causes a government shutdown through his veto, he will be shutting the people’s government down for two things: abortion and Planned Parenthood.

Which, really – come to think of it – is one thing.

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