New Mexico pro-life group uses ‘truth truck’ to educate public on pro-abortion candidate

New Mexico pro-life group ProtestABQ is taking their “truth truck” into the neighborhood of pro-abortion Albuquerque city council candidate Pat Davis to show the truth of abortion, which he supports.

The council hopeful called the tactic ‘intimidation,’ adding, “I don’t believe for a minute that City Hall has any business getting between a woman and her doctor on medical issues, so we’ll just have to agree to disagree.”

Davis complained about the protest on his Facebook page, writing:

For the second day in a row, my neighbors (and their kids) have endured these protests because I don’t believe city council has any business getting between a woman and her doctor.

Everyone has a right to participate in the political process, but this is unnecessary. Help me send a message by voting early (open now!) and volunteering to turn out our neighbors to vote.

Pat Davis image credit Linkedin

Pat Davis image credit Linkedin

While some liked the post and approved of Davis’ pro-abortion position, one resident asked the Democrat a pointed question, writing, “Reality is gruesome to look at sometimes. Why are the images of what is going on more offensive than the actual activities?”

Bud Shaver, spokesperson for ProtestABQ, recently mailed graphic fliers about Davis’ position to local voters.

Shaver says the pro-life group is always polite and cordial while driving the truth trucks but that the point of the graphic messages is that Davis champions archaic practices such a late-term abortion.

Shaver called a vote for Pat Davis “a vote against the women and children of Albuquerque.”

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