MTV: Live-tweeting periods to protest Ireland’s pro-life laws is ‘hilarious’

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Ireland is one of the few nations where abortion is mostly illegal. While this has abortion advocates up in arms, it’s refreshing to see a place where the lives of the preborn are protected. And, as a result, Ireland has been ranked one of the safest places to have a baby.

But abortion supporters choose not to focus on that latter point, naturally, because it would do nothing to help their cause. Instead, we see deflection like that of Irish comedian, Grainne Maguire, who live-tweeted her period to Prime Minister Enda Kenny, with whom the pro-life movement has had issues before.

Outlets like MTV are applauding Maguire’s stunt, calling it  “absolutely hilarious.”

What’s absolutely hilarious about it? No matter your stance on abortion, it isn’t funny. Tweeting about a normal biological function for women isn’t funny, it’s crass and unnecessary.

One particularly grotesque tweet isn’t even accurate, but is posted for shock value:

Judging by retweets (or the lack thereof), the campaign doesn’t look to have been very successful. Other women have signed on to it, and it was apparently noticed by a woman in the United States, but it hasn’t been trending on Twitter all that much.

The most retweeted use of the hashtag seem to be those garnering a few hundred, including one which confuses the use of the word “undignified.”

As for media attention, most of the outlets reporting on it are from the United Kingdom.

Many of them, including MTV, pointed to a report from Amnesty International calling on Ireland to legalize abortion. Not mentioned, however, is Amnesty International’s pro-abortion bias. The organization was previously criticized for campaigning against the right to life for the preborn in Ireland.

47,000 people have signed a petition in Ireland, calling for a referendum legalizing abortion, as the BBC reported.

MTV may find it newsworthy that some women in Ireland are live-tweeting their periods in the name of “bodily autonomy,” but the fact remains that Ireland is a pro-life country. Hopefully it will always remain one.

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