Mom gets life in prison for killing newborn in state where late-term abortion is legal


Last month, a Colorado mother was sentenced to life in prison for killing her newborn daughter. According to WBTV, the murder occurred on January 2, 2018. Mother Camille Wasinger-Konrad, 25, was renting a room in a Highlands Ranch, Colorado, home when she secretly gave birth to the baby girl.

The 18th Judicial District Attorney’s Office stated that Wasinger-Konrad covered the baby’s nose and mouth so other people in the house would not hear her cries. The mother then carried her baby downstairs and outside to a back deck. From there, Wasinger-Kondrad reportedly threw her newborn 11 feet over an 8-foot fence where she landed in a neighbor’s yard.

In a press release, District Attorney George Brauchler claimed, “Of all the many emotions of the magical first moments of a baby’s life, of all the many tender moments a mother shared in that first embrace with a completely helpless and fragile life, smothering a newborn, and pitching its body over a fence in the cold of January is impossible to understand.” He continued, “Who are we as a people that someone among us has such disregard for the most innocent of lives — a life they helped create? Disgusting.”

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Brauchler’s statement is difficult to understand in Colorado where abortion is legal and available up to birth. If Wasinger-Kondrad had been prepared to pay about $10,000 cash, she could have legally ended her daughter’s life. Because Wasinger-Kondrad waited until the moments after birth to hurl her daughter over a fence into the frigid early morning air to die instead of paying an abortionist to inject a lethal substance to stop her daughter’s heart before birth, she faces life in prison.

It is hard to understand how either of these inhumane actions is legal.

Recently, a mother in California was charged with murder after her stillborn baby tested positive for meth. Our culture can’t have it both ways: if it is wrong to endanger, abandon, or kill a preborn baby or a newborn, then we cannot pretend that it is a “right” to kill an innocent and defenseless child in the womb through abortion.

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