Abortionist with 'human tissue' in car has sordid history

Abortionist caught with 14 jars of ‘human tissue’ in his car has a sordid history

A Metro Detroit abortionist is the subject of a federal investigation on suspicion he performed illegal abortions.

According to a local news station, police in West Bloomfield, Michigan, said that a search warrant was executed at the home and office of Dr. Michael Roth (pictured above), a long time abortion provider in the state. Reports indicate the case stemmed from an accident the abortionist had a few weeks prior where he allegedly hit a special needs child while driving his vehicle.

Sources confirmed to WXYZ that police impounded the vehicle after finding 14 containers of human tissue, possibly fetuses, medical equipment and large amounts of Fentanyl, a drug used for pain and sedation, in his car.

In addition to the search warrants on the abortion doctor’s home and office, police also executed a search warrant to obtain the “black box” data recorder from the car, news sources state. The containers were taken to the Oakland County Medical Examiner’s Office for evaluation.


According to Lynn Mills (pictured right), a local pro-life activist, Roth is a circuit rider who has worked at several Michigan abortion clinics. Mills said that although Roth had an office for many years, he also performed abortions for the practices of notorious Michigan abortionists Jacob Kalo and Abraham Hodari.

Mills told Live Action News that in May of 2014, Roth moved his offices of 25 years to another location on 12 Mile Road in Novi, where she immediately began notifying the building owner and tenants about the abortionist’s history. “I knew it was time to push the subject and I decided I didn’t need many people to expose Roth,” she stated. “All I used were legal documents showing Roth’s questionable activity and substandard care.”


According to Mills, Roth was placed on probation by the State’s Bureau of Health Professions in 2004 for performing abortions out of the home of one of his patients. In 2012, the Michigan Board of Medicine issued Roth a $2,000 fine for negligence, incompetence, and lack of good moral character, after violating public health codes in two abortion procedures and perforating a woman’s uterus. Roth is also listed as a defendant in several abortion related lawsuits.

Michael Roth NoviMills says abortion is only part of Roth’s questionable practices. He was also cited for mishandling drugs and storing them in an insecure location at his alleged weight-loss business. In 2002, the state cited Roth for improperly labeling and possession of expired drugs and also noted that his controlled substance license had not been renewed since 1981.

Mills describes Roth as being  extremely nasty to pro-lifers and the media. She said that Roth has been killing preborn babies since the Rescue days of the late 1980’s. By the end of last year, she says, Roth had relocated his office a total of three times.

Mills also said that last year she and several pro-lifers picketed a local Catholic Hospital where Roth had privileges. But rather than addressing why a Catholic hospital would allow an abortionist to practice there, Providence Hospital called security on the demonstrators.

Mills plans to follow-up until Roth’s license is revoked and he is charged with any crimes he has committed. She urges the public to politely contact the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA) at 517-373-1820 to ask for a summary suspension of Roth’s medical license until a complete investigation can be conducted.

At the time of this story, Roth had not been charged with any crime in the incident, though reports indicate the attorney general is looking into the case.

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