March for Life Canada will be an online, five-day event due to COVID-19

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Organizers for the March for Life Canada announced that the annual march will take place virtually this year due to restrictions on public gatherings during the COVID-19 pandemic. The march, held in Ottawa each year, will now take place with several interactive streaming events from May 10 to May 14. Planned virtual events include pro-life film screenings, a virtual candlelight vigil for abortion victims, a virtual rally and march, and the airing of a special produced in collaboration with Eternal Word Television Network (EWTN).

The theme for the 2020 March for Life Canada is “Be not afraid.” Organizers explained, “Canada has no abortion laws, yet we are known around the world as a compassionate country while our innocent brothers and sisters in the womb continue to not only be discriminated against, but their lives devalued and left unprotected.” Under current Canadian law, elective abortion is legal up to birth. Canada is the only democracy in the world without any restrictions on abortion.

The 2019 Canadian March for Life marked 50 years of legal, elective abortion in Canada. Despite decades of pro-life Canadians fighting for legal protections for the preborn, the Canadian government has adopted a radically pro-abortion policy. Since legalization in 1969, more than 4 million preborn Canadians have died through abortion. In addition, Canada has pushed abortion on developing nations around the world so strongly that one government official declared abortion is “at the core” of Canadian foreign policy. Recently, the administration of pro-abortion Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced that international aid during the COVID-19 crisis would go toward funding abortions in developing nations.

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While there is understandable disappointment that the annual opportunity for pro-lifers to gather and publicly demonstrate will not take place in person, pro-life groups see pro-life values reflected in collective public action in the face of COVID-19. Organizers write, “The current situation, brought about by the worldwide spread of a dangerous virus, reminds all of us how much we are responsible for each other, and how ready we are to stand up and accept personal sacrifices for the most vulnerable regardless of unsettling uncertainties and difficulties that we have to endure as a result.”

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