Black births outnumber Black abortions in NYC for first time in years

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For the first time in years, reported live births in 2017 from Black mothers outnumbered Black babies aborted in New York City (NYC). According to the most recent data from the Summary of Vital Statistics 2017, The City of New York, published by the NYC Department of Health, abortions obtained by Black women (20,569) made up nearly 38% of all abortions (54,391) reported in the city. Although the number is certainly grim, it represents a slight decline in the number of Black abortions from the previous year.

The news may be an indication that more Black mothers are choosing life in the Big Apple. New York City is where Planned Parenthood began with eugenicist Margaret Sanger at the helm. Sanger implemented the so-called “Negro Project” to persuade the Black community to accept her eugenically-motivated birth control agenda, despite the fact that the Black community was suspicious that abortion and “family planning” would be used as tools of Black genocide.

Tragically, data has shown these suspicions to be correct. Abortions among Black women have remained disproportionately high across the nation. In New York City alone, abortions among Black women have outnumbered Black births for years, as the chart below (showing 2000 to 2017) indicates. But this trend may be coming to an end.

NYC Data (2017)

In 2017, for the first time in many years, Black births outnumbered abortions among Black women in NYC:

Image: Black live births v Black babies aborted in NYC 2000 to 2017

Black live births v Black babies aborted in NYC 2000 to 2017

The data reveals that slightly over 46% of Black pregnancies in NYC (44,388) ended in abortion (20,569), while nearly 48% of Black pregnancies ended in a live birth (21,292). The 2017 data revealed additional good news, showing that in the past years, overall abortions have been decreasing among every major race or ethnicity recorded in NYC.

  • Hispanic: 14,443 abortions in 2017, decreasing 33% from 21,555 in 2013.
  • Asian and Pacific Islander: 3,047 abortions in 2017, decreasing 34% from 4,615 in 2013.
  • Non-Hispanic white: 7,471 abortions in 2017, decreasing nearly 23% from 9,652 in 2015.
  • Non-Hispanic Black: 20,569 abortions in 2017, decreasing 29% from 29,007 in 2013.
  • Other: 1,930
  • Unknown: 6,931


Image: Live births v Abortions reported for New York City in 2017 ( Graph: NYC DOH)

Live births v Abortions reported for New York City in 2017 ( Graph: NYC DOH)

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The data also shows live births outnumbered abortions across every race and ethnicity category in New York City in 2017, including in the Black community. Still, the data shows much work has yet to be done. In 2017, the combined total of Black and Hispanic abortions (35,012) comprised just over 64% of reported abortions in New York City. In addition, according to the 2017 data, Black women in New York City (NYC) were nearly three times more likely to have an abortion than white women, and 1.4 times more likely than Hispanic women to abort their children. In addition, the report revealed that overall, there were a total of 54,391 induced abortions (including 13,095 chemical abortions) committed in New York City in 2017, a decline of over 22% from the 69,840 abortions committed in 2013, just four years prior. Overall live births (117,013) in NYC in 2017 outnumbered abortions two to one.

National Data (2018)

National Vital Statistics data published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reveals a total of 552,029 live Black births nationally in 2018, while published numbers from the CDC on abortions by race reveal an estimated 208,183 abortions committed among Black women that same year. Tragically, out of the 31 reporting areas to the CDC on race in 2018, nearly one-fourth of the states reported that Black babies killed by abortion was equal to nearly half or over half of reported Black births:

  • Connecticut: 2,809 Black abortions v. 4,423 Black live births
  • District of Columbia: 2,498 Black abortions v. 4,252 Black live births
  • Florida: 21,898 Black abortions v. 48,174 Black live births
  • Michigan: 13,215 Black abortions v. 20,558 Black live births
  • Montana: 28 Black abortions v. 58 Black live births
  • New Jersey: 6,696 Black abortions v. 13,886 Black live births
  • North Carolina: 12,487 Black abortions v. 27,670 Black live births
  • Oregon: 449 Black abortions v. 959 Black live births

In 2018, while Black Americans nationally made up just 12.1% of the U.S. population, they accounted for 33.6% of the 619,591 total abortions reported to the CDC that same year. While these numbers sound ominous, there is a glimmer of hope. Live Action News previously documented that nationally, Black abortions also appear to also be on the decrease from previous years.

Image: Estimated Black abortions 2010 to 2016 and 2018 past decade (Graph: Live Action News)

Estimated Black abortions 2010 to 2016 and 2018 past decade (Graph: Live Action News)

Today, despite Planned Parenthood’s continued eugenics marketing agenda, Black pro-life leaders relentlessly expose the devastating effects of abortion within the Black community. The data seems to indicate that these efforts both nationally and in New York City may be starting to pay off.

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