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Latest Live Action SexEd video featured on O’Reilly

Live Action’s newest undercover investigation, SexEd, which exposes Planned Parenthood’s dangerous sex advice for children, has shocked Americans across the country. The fourth, and latest, video takes place in Eden Prairie, a suburb of the Minneapolis-St. Paul metropolitan area.

This particular video was disturbing because a 15-year-old girl was told that sexual violence was OK, as long as it was consensual. The girl was told that BDSM-like sexual practices, such as the use of horse whips, ropes, and clamps can be used to the extent of leaving welts and burns, are acceptable as long as they’re consensual.

Bill O’Reilly featured this video on his show last night, and also pointed out how Planned Parenthood in Arizona helped cover up the crimes of Tyler Kost, a serial rapist, because they didn’t want the “hassle” of notifying police — even though at least one of his victims told Planned Parenthood they were raped.


These videos show the lengths Planned Parenthood will steep to in order to corrupt young girls — even telling them to experiment with BDSM, watch porn, and visit sex shops, all without parental knowledge or consent. And why does Planned Parenthood do this? It’s simple: for the money. The more attention that can be brought to this depravity, as it was on O’Reilly, the better. Parents deserve to know that Planned Parenthood is not a friend to their daughters, but a predator.

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