Late-term abortions ‘almost never’ done on unhealthy babies, says clinic worker

abortionist, Louisiana

Margot, a former abortion clinic worker, was interviewed by Abby Johnson on a webcast done by And Then There Were None.  And Then There Were None is an organization that helps abortion center workers leave the abortion industry.  The organization has helped over 200 abortion facility workers and 7 full time abortionists leave their jobs.

Former abortion worker Margot worked in a late-term abortion facility in the POC room. POC stand for “products of conception,” a term clinic workers use for aborted babies. Margot handled and inspected the fully formed body parts of late term babies killed in abortions.

At one point in the webcast, Abby Johnson asks her:

You worked at a late-term clinic. Can you share just a little bit, was there a specific profile of the women who came in? You know, we always hear from the abortion movement that the only women who have late-term abortions are women who have been given an extremely grave fetal diagnosis. Was that always the case in your clinic? Because I, you know for us, we referred women who had completely healthy pregnancies, who had completely healthy babies, to places like Doctor Tiller and Doctor Warren Hern in Colorado. So could you just speak to that a little bit. I’m sure that there were cases where there had been the anomaly diagnosed, but was that always the case in your clinic?

Johnson is responding to the common pro-abortion argument that all late term abortions are done because of horrible health problems experienced by the mother or baby. Many pro-choice organizations claim that late term abortions are only done in these dire circumstances- when the baby will die shortly after birth or be born horribly disabled.

Margot replies:

Almost never, Abby. Almost never. Almost never. I would say that the highest profile of women that were having the late-term abortions were completely normal pregnancies, quite often young, and sometimes had just had more fear of having to tell someone they were pregnant, or being so completely out of touch with their own body that they didn’t understand and how rapidly the pregnancy was progressing, or I don’t know.…

Overwhelmingly, the late-term procedures that we did were not for fetal anomalies. We did late-term procedures on women who were perimenopausal and didn’t want to be pregnant. We did them on teenagers.

It is a myth that late-term abortions are only done for fetal anomalies or disabilities. Of course, even in such cases one can argue that it is wrong to take a baby’s life just because they will be disabled. No one has the right to judge another person’s life not worth living and act as executioner for that person.

But many late-term abortions are done on healthy mothers with healthy babies. Dr. Anthony Levatino, a former abortionist, described the process of a late-term induction abortion, which he says is performed from 25 weeks to term:


There have been statements by practicing abortionists admitting that healthy babies are aborted in the second and third trimester. Dr. Susan Robinson, who kills babies in the third trimester, was featured in the documentary After Tiller. When asked about the babies she aborts, she says:

Women whose fetuses have terrible abnormalities … are a lot easier for people to understand. The husband and wife want to spare their baby whatever suffering that baby would have.

“Then there’s the group of women who didn’t know they were pregnant,” Robinson continues. “They were told they were not pregnant for one reason or another and they are just as desperate. ‘I already have three children, my husband just lost his job and I can barely put food on the table. If I add a new baby to this family, we’ll all go under.’”

The late George Tiller, who specialized in third trimester abortions, said the following at a National Abortion Federation meeting in 1995:

We have some experience with late terminations; about 10,000 patients between 24 and 36 weeks and something like 800 fetal anomalies between 26 and 36 weeks in the past 5 years.

This means that only 800 (or 8 percent) of those 10,000 post-24-week abortions were on unhealthy children.

You can read more about late-term abortions and the reasons they are done here.

Jackie eventually left the abortion business and is now pro-life. She no longer has to see the broken body parts of aborted babies on a daily basis. By coming forward with her story, she reveals what goes on in abortion facilities across the United States.

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